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Super Famous Now A conversation with Jack Freestone for What Youth Issue 3

Jack Freestone what youth issue 3
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Currently, Jack Freestone is probably most notably known as the guy dating Alana Blanchard. But it turns out he’s got a lot more shit going on than the cutest chick in the game under his arm. He’s a two time world junior champion and he’s got a career performance in Dear Suburbia. Kai recently sat down with Jack for a beverage and a chat for What Youth Issue 3 prior to Jack making the greatest PR move in pro surfing history. We love Jack a lot, despite the fact that he now spends more time looking for reception to Skype “Cookie” than he does fun waves, but that’s just us being dirty green with envy. Jacky Boy, we love you.

After the jump is our chat with Jack as well as a lovely pictorial for your amusement.

What Youth: Jacky boy!

Jack Freestone: What’s up brother!

What are you up to dude?

I’m just spraying some boards at the moment. Yeah I’m home, just at the JS factory. Getting real creative.

Ahh, you’re a mad artist. What are you spraying?

I’m spraying my surfboards.

Yeah, but what sort of pictures?

I’ll text em to ya!

You been getting waves?

It hasn’t been that good. Looks like you guys scored on your trip. Was talking to Coleborn, sounds like you timed it perfect for your trip!

A lot of almosts though really. Big roll-ins and the wind was weird. We had fun, got some cool stuff. We’ll see how it comes out.

Did you surf? Get some waves yourself?

I had a few wiggles. But the boys were on the job…

Boys were on the job huh.

Boys are on the fitness program now…

You’re getting fit?

Well, no, on the trip we were drinking beers every day. But now that I’m home we’re trying to get fit and back on track.

Come on you gotta start training with me.

You just do it every day, huh.


That’ so sick. You love it…You been having some weekends or just cruising?

Well, last weekend was fucking crazy because Joel [Parkinson] had that massive party, so we had a fucking absolute blowout — and I didn’t even want to do it but it just happened…then I was so hungover and went to The Big Day Out [Australian music Festival] as well.

Did ya!

Yeah, dude it was fucking so sick.

Who did ya see?

Well, in my opinion Foals were the best. They were so fucking sick dude. And Yeah Yeah Yeahs were sick. And Red Hot Chili Peppers were fucked up.

So you were main staging it? Not tweaking in the boiler room?

Ha, nah, wasn’t off my chops in the boiler room.

Was it like 100 degrees?

Nah, it wasn’t that bad actually. It wasn’t like the Sydney one, which was out of control hot and people were losing it.

Was it littered with women?

Ah dude, it was definitely littered with women…but you know what, they were all like 16 and on ecstasy. All on the pingers, it was kind of rank.

Yeah sounds rank.

I was, like, where are all the quality women?

They’re definitely not at The Big Day Out on the Gold Coast.

They’re just not on the Gold Coast anymore I’m realizing… It’s heavy, they’re hard to come by.

Especially when you’re a quality dude like yourself and expect quality women.

Yeah I just want some quality women. Maybe have a conversation. Call ‘em up and get to know them…but they’re all just on the pingers and can’t have a proper chat….it’s heavy.

So the reason we’re calling, we want to know the early Freestone. The little man running around, what’s the vibe like?

Little boy freestone [laughing]…well I lived everywhere really, born in Tweed, left there at 9.

So you’ve always been on the east coast?


How’d you start surfing? What was Jack’s path to the water?

Pretty much, got into surfing from my Pa, my dad, and would take me surfing after futball practice. I pretty much seriously, the first time I stood up and went on a wave, I paddled back out and said, ‘Dad, I quit football and I’m goin surfing.’

Did your dad push football on you? Or was he psyched for you to surf?

I actually don’t think he wanted me to play football. He knew all the bad stuff and the injuries that could happen and stupid shit like that. He loved surfing, and that.

Do you surf with your dad anymore?

Ummmm, not really, I don’t really, he lives in Newcastle now so I don’t really see him too often anymore…

Right. I remember you were telling me he was a bit of a shit stirrer with all your mates?

He wasn’t the worst dad…but, it’s hard growing up and it’s hard with everything he was going through.

So mom brought you up?

It was half and half, pretty much, but mum did bring me up and that.

You’re still pretty young, but when did you get lost in surfing, when did the bug kick in?

Pretty much, when I was 14, I got sponsored by Rip Curl, and ever since then I was a surf junkie. I could not get enough of it.

I remember the first time we got coffee to catch up and meet, and it’s been a pretty wild year since then, take me through this year and run for you…

The last two years have been the craziest of my life. Winning the World Juniors was sick and that opened all these sweet doors to good opportunities. Getting the spot in Dear Suburbia was fucking epic.

Do you have people who keep you grounded? Like, I’ve seen people get in surf and they’re hot and they get around different people and they’ll change. You’re entering that fast track now.

Fuck I hate seeing people doing well and then watching or hearing that they’ve gotten all ridiculous with a big head. I hate seeing that. I haven’t done that because I have good people to always level me. I m so grateful, I can’t let that happen.

Do you have goals in surfing. ?

Never fall out of love with it.

It’s cool to see people psyched on surfing and it keeps ‘em sane, guys like Dane, those guys are like groms, but I’ve seen guys go through heavy periods and they get down on surfing.

I think everyone has the potential to go through a stage where one falls out of love with what they do, but seeing someone like that able to get back into it is really good. I love seeing that, and that gets me stoked. Why would I complain? I’ve got it so good.

Ever read a book?

Yes, I know that I’ve read two, and I’ve tried to read others, and gave up. Lance Armstrong’s book, oh shit…and then the story of Pablo Escobar.

One about killing brains cells and one about training.

Pretty much. I dunno, you get sucked into book and you gotta read it because some are so shit.

It’s fascinating when you can relate.

Well I can’t really relate to selling kilos of cocaine or having cancer, but they were both good reads.

Do you believe in God?

…Yeah, I do.

How far does that go, your religious belief.

Not too far, I just believe in God, that’s as far as I go.

Do you smoke cigarettes?

Nah, well, I smoke cigarettes in moderation. But nah, rarely never. On the piss, I think everyone does, right?

Is to get girls?

I dunno, what happens it just happens?

How do you approach females?

Fuck, I don’t really know, you have to convey confidence I suppose. It’s all confidence.

Who do you watch to get psyched?

Dane, Taj, John John.

Do you skate?

Yeah I do skate. But rarely, the last time I was into it I broke my arm.

Would you call yourself a jock?

Nah, definitely not.

Are you all about fitness?

Yeah, well look, I just really like being healthy.

How much time do you spend on the Internet?

Too much, I’m always on Instagram and Facebook. Fuck. Social media, I’m on all of it way too much.

What terrifies you?

Damn man, so much stuff terrifies me. A lot of stuff.

How does Jack Freestone want to be remembered?

A good guy and a good surfer. Legend guy, legend surfer.

Who’s a legend in your eyes?

All the locals, Mick and Joel are legends, but I’d have to say the biggest legend in my life is my mum. She’s everything to me.

You owe her everything?

Yeah, I do.

OK, let’s wrap it there. Leave the ladies wanting more.


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