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What Youth Issue 4 On Sale Now

what youth issue 4 creed mctaggart

Our fourth installment of the What Youth book is a reminder. A reminder of why we surf. A reminder that we’re not perfect — not even close actually. It’s a reminder that our heroes wear resin boots and have porno mags on the toilet and shape things that make us our happiest. A reminder that we’re different than most. Flawed. Rebellious. And motivated to experience. A reminder that there will never be anything better than driving with your friends through a strange and new world — all the answers in life right there before you, hidden between the sand and melted wax and coffee cups and rattling rails of surfboards, right there, waiting. Each mile driven proving that the routine patterns making up most of our lives can be broken. And will be by us. Often.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Our website. And our films. We’re just getting started. And hopefully so are you. —What Youth

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what youth issue 4 creed mctaggart

What Youth Issue 4 On Sale Now

Our fourth installment of the What Youth book is a reminder. A reminder of why we surf. A reminder that...
what youth issue 4

What Youth Issue 4 Video Watch it move

Our fourth issue is now available in the What Youth store, as well as in fine retailers across the globe....
notes from the underground what youth issue 4

Notes From the Underground 2 A curated playlist by Damon Way for What Youth Issue 4

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what youth issue 4

Prologue to What Youth Issue 4 A message pulled from the pages of What Youth Issue 4

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Mitch coleborn what youth issue 4

Mitch Coleborn A conversation with a man in transition

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what youth issue 4

Inquire Within The beautiful pictures come to life

Photographs by Kai Neville (Polaroids from Issue 4 by Sam Nolan) Hit play on this daydream now. Special thanks to...

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