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A good 5 minutes (or so) with Ozzie Wright On the Nti Sheeto Experience

What Youth Issue 5 ozzie wright
08.22.13 – TAGS: ,
Photos: Hamish Humphreys and Blake Myers

Spending five minutes talking to Ozzie Wright is infinitely better than spending any time talking to anyone else we’ve met. He literally secretes stories, enthusiasm and the most unapologetic vibes in the world. Nti Sheeto, the film, the trip, the photos, the other photos, that trailer, the party, the frame grabs and the overall vibe have become quite the cult phenomenon and we’d like to thank Ozzie for that. And while he still doesn’t know what the hell Nti Sheeto actually means (or how to say it — which we clear that all up in Issue 5, promise), he had a hell of a time with this new crop of goons.

After the gallery are the holy words of Ozzie Wright. Like:

“I don’t know what we listened to, but I had my uke and I played the shit out of it!”

Do you know what Nti Sheeto means?

No, I don’t know what that means or how to say it. The pronunciation is gnarly…maybe there is a silent letter, like in a tsunami wave?

What made this trip different than your average mission to Indo/Bali?

Well I usually don’t go with a whole crew of guys that shred. I usually just go with my family and surf by myself and maybe hook up with someone here and there. So to be with a gang of shred dogs was awesome, we were all vibing.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think back on the trip?

Well I was like two radically different people on the trip. I was on fire at the start and burnt out at the end. I got a bit radical and couldn’t sleep. I was pretty strung out in Sumbawa. I think it was one of those memorable trips that will always bring a smile to my face when I think about it. Especially the bit where I crashed my motorbike into a giant cactus, barefoot, while holding my surfboard in the dark on the way back from Periscopes. I had at least 100, 2-inch spikes hanging out of the left side of my body, but it was dark and I just had to ride on. I was screaming at the top of my lungs: “Fuck my life!”— but just loving it, feeling very alive. Sponnas [photographer, John Respondek] thought I was crazy.

Ozzie on Thom Pringle: Flamboyant gypsy aerial goon — he surfs with a feather earring hanging out of his ear. I think that kind of behavior is commendable.

Ozzie on Warren Smith: Loveable Panama City Beach goth-pop, culture aficionado.

Ozzie on Dion: Angry Anderson. Surfs so aggro, I love it!

Ozzie on Creed McTaggart: CREEDENCE McSWAGGER! Thats what I call him. Badass.

What music did you guys listen to?

I can’t remember. I had a uke though and I played the shit out of it!


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