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Collin Provost’s Gear Fuck Black Friday Giveaway

collin provost what youth issue 9

For those of you who aren’t being mauled at the mall, and decided to be more creative with your day today, we want to reward you with this gear from Volcom, Toy Machine and Emerica.

In celebrating and concluding our Fairly Normal on Collin and interview in What Youth Issue 9, we got a bunch of all black gear: all Collin’s signature stuff from his sponsors and wanna give it away. Since most giveaways are confusing and kinda lame, we’ll make this one easy, and we’ll know if you’re psyched and deserve Collin’s gear pretty quick (all of this can be dug up from his Fairly Normal and interview in What Youth Issue 9 and the follow up post we did with Collin on this here site).

Just answer these questions and email us at

First one to get 100% on their fuck black Friday exam wins it.

1. What gets surprisingly delivered during our interview with Collin?  

2. What is the name of Collin’s bowling team? 

3. What city did Collin grow up in? 

4. Who took Collin and David Gonzalez to see Motorhead? 

5. What instrument is Collin playing when we stopped by his house? 

So that’s it. Get these right, if you’re first, we’ll hit you back and send you this gear.


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Comedown Music with MGMT “For soothing some tragically displaced serotonin receptors.”

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collin provost what youth issue 9

Collin Provost’s Gear Fuck Black Friday Giveaway

Fuck Black Friday, win this stuff from Collin Provost's sponsors.
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What Youth Issue 9

What Youth Issue 9 On Sale Now

What Youth Issue 9 on sale now

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