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Rewind me what youth runman 69 surfing

Rewind Me: Runman 69 With Ray Kleinman

This was raw. Not even carried in surf shops usually and released when surfing was coming out of it’s first industry spit shine.

noa deane mitch coleborn jack freestone what youth issue 7 surfing

What Youth Issue 7 The Intro

“We live in the mind, in ideas, in fragments. We no longer drink in the wild outer music of the streets — we remember only.” — Henry Miller Welcome to our bent world. That’s the first phrase Kai Neville sent us for his new film, which you’ll see is “announced” inside this book. It’s called…

Dustin Dollin panther vision what youth jamie heinrich

Panther Vision An Afternoon With Dustin Dollin

It’s understandable when shit hits the fan and Spike Jonze is on your jock.

Derek Dunfee for the love what youth

For The Love: Derek Dunfee Episode 003 Presented by Vissla

Charging. Creating. Ripping. Friendly. Stylish. Intelligent. Meet Derek Dunfee.

Craig anderson surfing what youth

Dear Youth Boy to Man: Quinn Mathews returns from Western Australia

Photographer Quinn Matthews just walked in the door here at What Youth. Quinn is 18. Super talented. And up until now hadn’t been on too many surf trips. He was a green grom and we sent him into the wild. He went to Western Australia for 8 weeks to take photos and prove his worth…

Jack Freestone what youth issue 7 cluster

Jack Freestone Outtakes from What Youth Issue 7

By now you’ve seen that our new issue is on sale. When you get your hands on it, you’ll find a trip we did with Jack Freestone (above), Chippa Wilson, Mitch Coleborn and Noa Deane to Macaronis. It was the first official trip for Kai Neville’s new film — an all parts-based film, a first…

Mike Carrol photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Carrol Back Den 012

Mike Carrol has always been one of my favorite skateboarders, seeing him blow the fuck up at EMB, or destroy the 43 mini ramp with the utmost style.

Jack Freestone what youth issue 3

Super Famous Now A conversation with Jack Freestone for What Youth Issue 3

PHOTOS: Blake Myers Currently, Jack Freestone is probably most notably known as the guy dating Alana Blanchard. But it turns out he’s got a lot more shit going on than the cutest chick in the game under his arm. He’s a two time world junior champion and he’s got a career performance in Dear Suburbia….

What Youth Issue 7

What Youth Issue 7 On Sale Now

“We live in the mind, in ideas, in fragments. We no longer drink in the wild outer music of the...
Jordy smith what youth

Dear Youth Jordy Smith’s Indonesian Salon

Jordy Smith and Rob Bain, Indonesia 2013 “This here is a photo of Jordy just starting to dive into a...
Mitch Coleborn what youth surfing

What Youth Issue 7 Drops Friday This is gonna be good

Our new books is available to order this Friday, April 18th. Inside you’ll find some exciting surprises, a highly anticipated...
Chris Senn photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Chris Senn, France Back Den 011

The jam at the end of this contest would go non-stop until the guys would drop.
Jack Freestone and Darren handly of DHD surfboards color me in surfing what youth

Color Me In: Jack Freestone & Darren Handly of DHD Episode 005 Presented by Futures

Darren Handley and Jack Freestone talk shit, tails and surfboards, and then ride surfboards.
Tamba Surf shop hawaii what youth reports

What Youth Reports: Tamba Surf Shop Episode 004

You've no doubt seen the shirts. The boards. The hats. The gear. And the boys. Tamba is a staple for...
Matt Meola Fairly Normal What Youth

Fairly Normal: Matt Meola Episode 015

We joined Matt and his family for a weekend of surfing, fishing, hunting and found nothing but hospitality and friendliness...
Gold Coast straight forward jack freestone mitch coleborn what youth surfing

Straight Forward: Gold Coast Episode 007

Here you'll find some of our dearest friends jumping around to some jazz.
Kalani Chapman color me in what youth

Color Me In: Kalani Chapman & Bret Marumoto Episode 004 Presented by Futures

Bret and Kalani make equipment for a dangerous game. Hit play and see how the world's best shape boards to...
Noa Deane stay tuned what youth

Stay Tuned: Noa Deane Playlist 002 Presented by DBlanc

"Curls" lays down a pretty grungy, groovy and abrasive compilation.
Timmy Turner for the love what youth

For The Love: Timmy Turner Episode 002 Presented by Vissla

Our feel good hit of the spring with Timmy Turner.
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 006

This month's lizards include Craig Anderson, Dillon Perillo, Dylan Rieder, Thom Pringle, Dion Agius, Wade Goodall, Andrew Doheny, Ryan Callinan,...
Mike Vallely photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Vallely, Tampa Back Den 010

PHOTO: Mark Oblow Editor’s note: Mike Vallely is the new singer for Black Flag. He’s the stuntman in The Hangover...
Noa Deane for cluster what youth

Dear Youth We back at it, again

After a pretty good sleep on the ferry (thanks NyQuil!), we drove through streets filled with cows and goats and...
Jack Freestone Mitch Coleborn Noa Deane Surfing Indonesia Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Part 1: Thanks for the Cheeseburgers (Day 3 of a 10 day trip)

Back in Indo filming. It’s too productive not to come back and fry yourself. The team is Coleborn, Noa Deane,...
Oliver Kurtz straight forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: Oliver Kurtz Episode 006

He's got new stickers and a new vibe and his surfing is really impressive.
Dayne Reynolds Marine Layer Surfing Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Dane Reynolds gets nostalgic on Marine Layer

Dane Reynolds posted a little trip down memory lane on his website Marine Layer Productions today. He details our first trip to...
Andrew Reynolds photographed by Mark Oblow what youth skateboarding baker

Andrew Reynolds, Tampa Back Den 009

Andrew Reynolds at the skate park of Tampa, circa 2000.
Creed McTaggart Fairly Normal What Youth

Fairly Normal: Creed McTaggart Episode 014

He's the gypsy. The wild man. The vagabond. The dude who smokes. Nti Sheeto. This is Us. Yeah Dude. Incredible...
Mitch Coleborn surfing cluster what youth

Dear Youth Nate Lawrence on photo breathing exercises at Macaronis

This is Mitch Coleborn photographed in the afternoon at Macaronis. This was as good as a trip gets (you can...
Chippa Wilson what youth bali travel surfing

Dear Youth Nate Lawrence and the subtleties of a life on the move

Editor’s note: We spend a lot of time in transit. Kuala Lumpur. Taipei. Singapore. Jakarta. Padang. We go through some...

Macaronis: Part 1 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

Kai’s new film — which you’ll see is announced inside What Youth Issue 7 — began with a pretty lofty...
Julain Klincewicz of LUBE playlst stay tuned what youth

Stay Tuned: Juian Klincewicz Playlist 001 Presented by DBlanc

This first playlist was curated by Julian Clincewicz and Kiva Ivey of the band Lube.
Dylan Reider photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Dylan Reider, Hawaii, 2012 Back Den 008

This was the last shoot we did for Analog before they terminated the surf and skate team.

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