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what youth yadin nicol

Then Yadin’s Ankle broke Right before the swell of the decade

Partway through our second consecutive Japan trip — which was partway through Yadin Nicol’s best year ever — his ankle came apart while trying the frontside air at 1:15. Then the waves got really, really good. We reminisce. What Youth: So you were on such a roll. The first Japan trip was fun, the comps…

What Youth reports analog wheel wash

What Youth Reports: Analog Wheel Wash Episode 002

If we’re being straight, this idea has the syrupy scent of the marketing department. But since we first wore Analog’s Wheel Wash denim (Dylan Rieder’s signature Dylan Jean) we’ve become fairly monogamous.

what youth dear suburbia prequel 2

Dear Suburbia, Prequel 1 Dane, Conner, Yadin, Kolohe in Japan

When we flew to Japan Kai was just releasing Lost Atlas, and he wanted to start right away on his next project. This was the first trip we put together for Dear Suburbia,. The waves we got were good but it seemed like they were always better than good somewhere else, like maybe where we’d…

What Youth reports Univ

What Youth Reports: Univ Episode 001

We visit Tim Swart, founder and proprietor, to learn about UNIV.

what youth dear suburbia prequel 2

Dear Suburbia, Prequel 2 Chippa Wilson, Mitch Coleborn, Craig Anderson in Australia

The desert could have killed us easily but it didn’t. It was good to us mostly. We stayed at a cool little house in a tiny fishing town, owned by a lady who discovered whale vomit on the beach ten years ago, just a big clump of it, like a basketball, but a rank and…

Dion Agius the copenhagen project what youth

Scando-Land with Dion

We haven’t seen Dion Agius much on this trip. He’s managed to pop up exclusively at the most opportune moments, only to dart back out and into the Scandinavian summer light, wandering around shooting photos with a beautiful Swedish girl named Aggie on his arm. But instead of going radio silent with nothing to show…

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