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Austyn Gillette and Craig Anderson, Hawaii, 2015 Back Den 097

what youth back den austyn gillette craig anderson

“september 19 2015 hawaii huf tour. austyn gearing up for what they call getting down, about to take bodysurfing to the next level. with good buddy craig holding coffee or cocktail????? aloha bitches…” —Mark Oblow

what youth arto saari back den mark oblow

Arto Saari, San Pedro, Ca 2008 Back Den 079

“are you willing to bleed for what you love? arto is. arto saari, san pedro, ca for the filming of the alien workshop mind field video. sometimes lip slides stick and you land on your face. 2008″ —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow photography

Jake Johnson, Omar Salazar, James Concannon, Stefan Janoski, and Luke Croker Back Den 078

“jake johnson, omar salazar, james concannon, stefan janoski, and luke croker. getting high on the magic bus. 2008, antwerpen analog tour.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den luke croker mark oblow

Luke Croker, Oz, 2011 Back Den 077

“when you’re as smooth as luke croker, fuck the police has a totally different meaning. shot on leica m9, 50mm lens. 2011 Oz.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den arto saari dylan rieder mark oblow photography

Arto Saari and Dylan Rieder, Spain, Circa 2000 Back Den 076

“i love this photo, it was the first trip dylan and i were with arto. the beginning. the start of a long friendship, and lots and lots of stories. arto’s apartment in spain circa 2000. Shot on contax t-3, kodak nc 160.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow bruce irons sunny miller nathan fletcher

Nathan Fletcher, Sonny Miller and Bruce Irons, San Sebastian, 2001 Back Den 075

“nathan fletcher, sonny miller, and bruce irons. san sebastian, september, 2001. nathan, sonny and i were there for the filming of nate’s movie “these colors taste like music” bruce was there for a contest i believe. we were staying in france and cruising over to spain to change it up and practice our spanish. rest…

what youth back den natus kaupas lance mountain

“Legends Dipped in Gold”: Natas Kaupas and Lance Mountain, Germany, Circa ’90s Back Den 074

“legends dipped in gold. natas kaupas and lance mountain during the golden hour, munster germany. this was right after the contest and i think brian anderson won. circa ’90s. shot on yashica t-.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow tobin yellen

Tobin Yelland Back Den 073

“tobin yelland shoots photos that are iconic. he has some of the most powerful photos in skateboarding. he is someone i truly admire. shot back den, camera i forgot, location no can rememba.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow langley fox

Langley Fox, Los Angeles, 2015 Back Den 072

“i was lucky to spend an afternoon with langely fox. we had some cool conversations, traded art work, and shot a few photos. i love shooting people i admire, and getting the chance to shoot them in their homes is the best. langely is such an amazing person gifted with so many talents, her art…

what youth david bowie arto saari mark oblow back den

Javi, Arto and Ziggy, Spain, Circa 2009 Back Den 071

“javi, arto and ziggy chillin in spain circa 2009. i used to do stencils for my guys, dylan always had kate moss and arto always wanted bowie. the things that inspire us in life to push a lil harder. uplift. sad time in the world, we lost such a talented man, rip david bowie you…

what youth back den mark oblow jason lee

Jason Lee, Oahu, Circa 1989 Back Den 070

“jason lee, palolo valley ramp, oahu circa 89. this was right when blind started. when it would rain gonz, jason , vince and i would go to the mall or airport and do little skits or walk with some funky limp. acting to kill time… guess it stuck with jason. Shot on canon ae-1, 50…

what youth dylan rieder jef hartsel mark oblow back den

Dylan Rieder and Jef Hartsel, Honolulu, 2015 Back Den 069

“dylan rieder & jef hartsel at jef’s home in honolulu, hawaii, september 2015. shot on sx-70 camera, impossible instant film b&w. my boyzzzz” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow john cardiel

John Cardiel, Marseille, France, Circa Back Den Back Den 068

“happy fucking birthday cardiel!!!!” —Mark Oblow

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