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Austyn Gillette and Craig Anderson, Hawaii, 2015 Back Den 097

what youth back den austyn gillette craig anderson

“september 19 2015 hawaii huf tour. austyn gearing up for what they call getting down, about to take bodysurfing to the next level. with good buddy craig holding coffee or cocktail????? aloha bitches…” —Mark Oblow

nathan fletcher and kelly slater what youth back den

Nathan Fletcher and Kelly Slater, San Diego Back Den 031

“2 completely different humans. 2 people who have helped change surfing. 2 legends. 2 guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a long time. 2 guys who did not want to be at a shop promo. s.d., ca. circa back den, yashica t-4, 35mm kodak 400nd” —Mark Oblow

sean sheffey what youth back den mark oblow

Sean Sheffey, Europe, late ’90s Back Den 030

“this is sean sheffey with a cocktail and a small hipper. sean has always been a hero to me, pure fucking power on a skateboard, his life video, “a soldier’s story” was a life changer! i loved watching him sk8 the early contests, he’d rip the shit out of the place then end up beating…

peter mel jason dill strider wasilewski back den what youth mark oblow

Peter Mel, Jason Dill and Strider Wasilewski in New York Back Den 029

Peter Mel, Jason Dill and Strider Wasilewski in New York

back den camille rowe what youth mark oblow

Camille Rowe, Los Angeles Back Den 028

“camille rowe is more then what you see. she is such an inspiration, and such a gift. to call her a muse is a blessing. shot in l.a. with a canon markIII, 50mm zeiss lens.” —Mark Oblow

back den mark oblow perry ferrell what youth

Perry Farrell, Coachella 2001 Back Den 027

Editor’s Note: Coachella has been at it for a long time. And leave it to Oblow to still manage to find a moment, from the stage in the desert that feels timeless, and timely. This time, on a grandiose scale: Perry Farrell, live. In Oblow lowercase. —Travis  “perry farrell, live with jane’s addiction at coachella in 2001….

Back Den Mark Oblow Marlyn Manson What Youth

Marilyn Manson, Los Angeles Art Show, Halloween 2007 Back Den 026

Editor’s note: You got to be kidding me. Since we stormed Mark Oblow’s Back Den to load back up on images from his archive, we’d seen everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Reese Forbes to Jason Dill to Wayne Lynch. And now he does this. That’s range. Mr. Oblow, you have the floor once again. —Travis …

Wayne Lynch photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Wayne Lynch, Hawaii Back Den 025

From a kid surfing in the late 70s wayne lynch was the man! His style, his attitude, his surfing was mind-blowing.

Kassia Meador photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Kassia Meador, Hawaii Back Den 024

I met Kassia about 10 years ago shooting for Roxy. The first time I saw her ride a surfboard i almost cried!

Jason Dill

Jason Donald Dill, New York Back Den 023

It was one of the raddest shoots for me only having Dill, and Nate, and we got to do what ever we wanted to do.

Tom Carrol photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Tom Carrol, Hawaii Back Den 022

Tom is a pure inspiration, a fucking legend, and an epic human.

Reese Forbes photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Reese Forbes, Costa Mesa Back Den 021

Reese Forbes drips of style just as he pushes down the street. His eastern exposures parts are life changing.

Nathan Fletcher photographed by Mark Oblow in Brooklyn What Youth

Nathan Fletcher, Brooklyn Back Den 020

Marks first shoot for Quicksilver of Nathan Fletcher, late 90’s in Brooklyn, NY.

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