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Reese Forbes, Costa Mesa Back Den 021

Reese Forbes photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth
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PHOTO: Mark Oblow

Editor’s note: Mark Oblow came by yesterday on his motorcycle. We weren’t here but he has a skeleton key, so he walked in, grabbed a stack of What Youth Issue 8, loaded them on his motorcycle, and tore off. I tell you this because Mark’s images freak us out every time, and we’re really stoked that he shares them with us and you. And he’s more passionate about magazine’s than anyone I’ve ever met and we’re honored he grabs every copy we make. Also, this image was particularly interesting to me, because I used to only wear Quiksilver Reese Forbes jeans in 2000 mostly because they were the shit. And Reeese was the shit. And seeing how integrated and deep Oblow is in the scene is always mind blowing. Here, he surprises us again, with the man, in Y2K. —Travis

Mark Oblow: “reese forbes, shot at my old apartment, circa 2000. reese is street skating. he drips of style just as he pushes down the street. his eastern exposures parts are life changing. I had the opportunity to manage reese at vita and quiksilver, forming a friendship that holds strong. his talents are endless.”

To see more of Oblow’s incredible archive, check out his website, tumblr and Instagram: @markoblow

what youth back den chis miller skateboarding mark oblow

Chris Miller, North Shore, Oahu Back Den 128

“add some style to your week! chris miller sk8ing dinosaur dean’s ramp north shore oahu. this was his 18th birthday. shot on a canon ae-1 program with a wide angle adapter on my 50mm.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den tony trujillo mark oblow skateboarding

Tony Trujillo in Marseille Back Den 127: Everyday Halloween with Tony T. France, circa 2000

“everyday is halloween for tony trujillo. marseille france circa 2000. shot on contax t-3.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den with bruce irons and nathan fletcher shot by mark oblow

Bruce Irons and Nathan Fletcher Back Den 126: France in 2001

“bruce irons & nathan fletcher in france. we were there to film for nathan’s movie but got skunked on waves. with the frustration of getting nothing we almost extend the trip for another week. thank god we did not because 9/11 happened a few days later. photo taken with a yashica t-5.” —Mark Oblow

what youth steve caballero back den with mark oblow

Steve Caballero, Oahu, 1986 Back Den 125

“steve caballero at grants ramp oahu, circa ’86. shot on canon AE1 with a wideangle adapter.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den nathan fletcher photographed by mark oblow

Nathan Fletcher in France Back Den 124: September 10, 2001: The day before everything changed

“we were filming for his movie these colors taste like music. this was a few days before 9/11 in france. we were going to extended the trip because we got no waves. so hyped we decided to split.” —Mark Oblow

what youth mark gonzales back den mark oblow

Mark Gonzales in New York Back Den 123 By Mark Oblow

“innovators innovate, mark gonzales inspires. a break from the studio straight to the curb. nyc.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den billy deans by mark oblow

Billy Deans, Waimanalo, Oahu Back Den 122

“billy deans throwing down that aggressive 80’s punk rock frontside grind. waimanalo, oahu shot on canon ae1 with a wide angle adapter.” —Mark Oblow

what youth nathan fletcher back den by mark oblow

Nathan Fletcher and Koby Abberton Back Den 121: North Shore, 2008

“nathan fletcher and koby abberton on the north shore, oahu 2008. the conversations between these two are always priceless. shot on canon Eos-1ds mark ll, 28-105mm.” —Mark Oblow

what youth mark oblow back den keith meek skateboarding hawaii

Keith Meek at Wallows, Circa 1986 Back Den 120

“keith meek, aka the slasher pops a stylish air at wallows. circa 86″ —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow malakai montes

Malakai Montes, Long Beach, Ca 2017 Back Den 119

“malakai montes in long beach, california, 6/08/17. i love seeing diy spots pop up. shot on a canon Eos 5d mark IV with lomography neptune convertible art lens system, 2.8/50 despina lens.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow mahina alexander

Jenah Yamamoto and Mahina Alexander Back Den 118: The higher level at the RVCA Pipe House

“jenah and mahina kicking it on the higher level. HGO rvca pipe house, oahu. shot on impossible film 2015.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den with mark oblow mark healey danny fuller ola eleogram

The Quik shoot Back Den 117 with Tyler Newton, Mark Healey, Danny Fuller and Ola Eleogram

“i had to shoot the retro shorts campaign for quiksilver way back. this is when trunks were long as fuck so these shores were super short. i had an idea of taking them into the cane fields and shooting them the OG way back when the quik boys were hard as fuck. circa back den,…

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