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Mark Gonzales, Oahu, Circa ’80s Back Den 089

what youth back den mark gonzales

“being on the same team as the gone (‘vision’ in the ’80s) was better then getting your boxes. skateboarding with the gonz in the ’80s was a gift from the gods. mark gonzales pops an ollie at catlin on oahu. shot on polaroid camera.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den stefan janoski mark oblow

Stefan Janoski, Berlin Back Den 103

“the creative minds of skateboarders always seem to get me inspired. stefan is such an amazing skateboarder, and that is what he’s known for but his art is who he truly is. skateboarding is his paint that he adds to the worlds canvas. stefan janoski in berlin. shot on canon eos-1ds mark III with zeis…

what youth back den shota kubo mark oblow photography

Shota Kubo, North Shore, Hawaii, June 2016 Back Den 102

“shota kubo does one of the most beautiful backside smith grinds in cholo’s pool, north shore oahu. taking the torch from pops “shogo kubo” and making him very proud! shot june 2016″ —Mark Oblow

what youth back den the kills

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills, Los Angeles, CA Back Den 101

“some days my life doesn’t seem real. shooting the kills and calling it work? well, that’s one of them. i have been blessed to work with some of music’s best and am very thankful to add the kills to my list. seeing them interact with their fans was amazing. they are rad humans. i’ve had…

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding hawaii

Scott Oblow, Kahala Hawaii, 1987 Back Den 100

Editor’s note: Today is the 100th Back Den we’ve done with photographer Mark Oblow. It’s really an honor to get to show you these every Monday, the depth and scope of his work, the variety, the legitimacy of his career, past and current blows our minds every week. Take a minute today and peruse the…

what youth back den nathan fletcher mark oblow

Nathan Fletcher, Hawaii, 2012 Back Den 099

“nathan fletcher is one of my all time favorites. this is his way of posing for a clothing photo shoot. ‘not going to happen.’ if you don’t sneak in your shot, you end up with nothing. shot in hawaii for a.g.’s [analog] last shoot. shot on leica m9 with 50mm lens. ‘nate can you pull…

what youth back den mark oblow brian boyle skateboarding hawaii

Brian “Apes” Boyle, Hawaii, Circa 1986 Back Den 098

“brian boyle aka “apes” pulls the classic stand up frontside grind at (off the walls) in hawaii kai, on oahu. with soblow checking his steez, circa 86. shot on a canon ae-1 with 50mm lens” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den austyn gillette craig anderson

Austyn Gillette and Craig Anderson, Hawaii, 2015 Back Den 097

“september 19 2015 hawaii huf tour. austyn gearing up for what they call getting down, about to take bodysurfing to the next level. with good buddy craig holding coffee or cocktail????? aloha bitches…” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow jon goemann skateboarding

Jon Goemann, Spain, 2009 Back Den 096

“sk8boarding has so many gifted children, jon is one of them… (hot bath, a glass of milk, and an aleister crowley book). jon goemann in spain, 2009. shot on segal 120 camera, ilford delta 100 b&w 120 film.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding stacy gibo

Stacy Gibo, At “Off the Walls” Oahu, 1986 Back Den 095

“stacy gibo gets ready to bomb drop off the fence of “off the walls” oahu. circa 86 if you ever got the chance to see stacy sk8 live then you will know how burly the guy was. put it this way when he slammed the cement shook. shot on canon AE-1 with a 50mm lens.”…

what youth jason dill dylan rieder skateboarding photographed by mark oblow

Jason Dill and Dylan Rieder, Costa Mesa, 2012 Back Den 094

“jason dill & dylan rieder, so similar yet so different. shot at studio 35  2012, on leica m9 with summicron 50mm lens.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow jesse martinez

Jesse Martinez, Oahu, Circa 80’s Back Den 093

“jesse martinez blast a method at the hic demo back in da 80’s. pearl ridge, Oahu. shot on a canon AE-1.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den lance mountain photography by mark oblow

lance and lance jr. mountain newport beach, circa back den Back Den 092

“happy birthday lance! you have been such an inspiration to skateboarding. hope you have a great year filled with more ripping and lots of happiness..” –Mark Oblow

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