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Scott Oblow, Kahala Hawaii, 1987 Back Den 100

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding hawaii

Editor’s note: Today is the 100th Back Den we’ve done with photographer Mark Oblow. It’s really an honor to get to show you these every Monday, the depth and scope of his work, the variety, the legitimacy of his career, past and current blows our minds every week. Take a minute today and peruse the archive. You’ll see one of the most authentic archives of our culture you’ll find. And we’re at 100 but I know we’ve barely scratched the surface of this archive.—Travis 

“back den 100!!! my big bradda soblow backside grinds over the light at poppie’s pool, kahala hawaii circa 87.

i could not think of a better photo to post for my #100 than one of my big brother. he is the reason i surfed and skateboarded.

shot with a canon ae-.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow pool skating

Pool skating in the ’80s Back Den 067

“when i was a kid growing up in hawaii in the early 80’s my back yard pool addiction started. there is so much that goes into this that people have no idea about. first, the hunt. you need to find the pool. then the stake out to see if the owners are home and when…

what youth back den ozzy Osbourne mark oblow photography

Ozzy Osbourne, 2010 Back Den 066

“i got the chance to shoot ozzy in his home in la, 2010. that was a big one for me, shooing ozzy and not for a client but for myself. i was tripping out setting up the lighting looking around in his office at his stuff thinking to myself black fucking sabbath!!!!” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den dylan reider and chippa wilson in hawaii

Dylan Rieder and Chippa Wilson in Hawaii, 2012 Back Den 065

“dylan rieder and chippa wilson talking to stefan janoski not shown on the  north shore, oahu 2012. this was from the last analog shoot that never got used except in what youth! we had such a blast. shot on leica m9, 50m.” —Mark Olbow

what youth back den kelly slater mark oblow

Kelly Slater, 2002 Back Den 064

“there is a breaking point in every man. if you have ever put on a wetsuit then you will know what a pain in the ass it is. well try doing a wetsuit studio photo shoot where there are racks of them. here’s the side of kelly slater that you rarely see, but if you…

what youth back den stefan janoski mark oblow

Stefan Janoski, Circa 2007 Back Den 063

“stefan janoski circa 2007. these were shot when we first left quiksilver and were starting analog. i was so happy that i could use black & white film again. it was like we were finally out of high school, and free to do what we wanted. shot with toyo-field 45 cf 4×5 camera, polaroid film.”…

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding

Jeff Lenoce, Andrew Reynolds, Mike Maldonado, and Brian Anderson, Europe late 90’s Back Den 062

“smoke break, jeff lenoce , andrew renolds, mike maldonado, and brian anderson. “what a fucking ripping crew!” any way you could break away from the scene and get a few minutes of you time was so needed. i think this was at a europe contest circa late 90’s yashica t-4″ —Mark Oblow

back den tommy guerrero what youth skateboarding

Tommy Guerrero Back Den 061

“tommy guerrero pops a frontside ollie at pipeline bowls with steve caballero and jesse martinez going back up for another run. this spot was a lot harder then it looks tommy just makes it look like nothing. they ended up ripping this ditch out, such a bummer. 80’s hawaii kai, hawaii, shot on canon ae-1.”…

what youth back den deanna templeton mark oblow

Deanna Templeton, Vancouver, circa late ’90s Back Den 060

“behind every great man stands a great woman, and deanna templeton is more than great. her photos “all shot on film” are so real — her shots traveling the world to the nudes in her swimming pool. i’ve been friends with her for a long time and i admire her work and her friendship. check it…

heath kirchart back den mark oblow for what youth

Heath Kirchart double black eye, circa late ’90s Back Den 059

“heath kirchart showed up on tour with one black eye from his roommate’s elbow. later tim oconnor decided he wanted a black eye too, and so did jason dill, and of course i wanted one — but all i got was a fat lip from heath. heath ended the night letting one of the girls…

back den dylan rieder mark oblow what youth skateboarding

Dylan Rieder and Mark Oblow, France, Circa 2000 Back Den 058

“dylan and me in an elevador in marseille france, for a bowl riders contest circa 2000. we have known each other for a long, long, time and traveled the world together, all because of skateboarding. the friendships i’ve made riding my surfboard or skateboard are priceless! i’m very thankful. contax t-3, 35mm kodak 400.” —Mark…

back den drake jones what youth skateboarding

Drake Jones and Bryce Kanights, Circa 1995 Back Den 057

“drake jones and bryce kanights at a contest circa 1995. bryce was such a big influence on me shooting photos and skateboarding. he is a bad ass photographer as well as a ripping pro. showing me you don’t need to choose just one. thanks bk!” —Mark Oblow

Craig Anderson, Dylan Rieder and Austyn Gillette on the Huf Tour in Hawaii Back Den 056

“i was lucky to be on the huf tour in hawaii with these boys last week. it makes me very proud to see the respect these guys have for each other. skateboarders and surfers not only getting along like brothers, but truly sweating what each other does on their boards, having an open mind and…

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