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Scott Oblow, Kahala Hawaii, 1987 Back Den 100

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding hawaii

Editor’s note: Today is the 100th Back Den we’ve done with photographer Mark Oblow. It’s really an honor to get to show you these every Monday, the depth and scope of his work, the variety, the legitimacy of his career, past and current blows our minds every week. Take a minute today and peruse the archive. You’ll see one of the most authentic archives of our culture you’ll find. And we’re at 100 but I know we’ve barely scratched the surface of this archive.—Travis 

“back den 100!!! my big bradda soblow backside grinds over the light at poppie’s pool, kahala hawaii circa 87.

i could not think of a better photo to post for my #100 than one of my big brother. he is the reason i surfed and skateboarded.

shot with a canon ae-.” —Mark Oblow

what youth john john florence

John John Florence, Waimea, Hawaii 2013 Back Den 055

“john john florence at the opening ceremony for the eddie aikau at waimea beach, on the north shore of oahu. when you’re the man, everyone wants a piece of you. december, 2013. shot with a canon eos-1 ds mark III, canon 24-105mm L.” —Mark Oblow

back den what youth mark oblow jef hartsel skateboarding

Jef Hartsel, Honolulu, Hawaii, Circa 1980’s Back Den 054

“jef hartsel doing a layback at grant’s ramp in the 80’s, honolulu hawaii. jef ripped everything! street and vert. riding for alva, part of the legendary leather jacket team shot, “toughest team shot ever” then part of start of world industries with a ripping part in “rubbish heap”. straight out legend! and his art is…

kelly slater jason dill what youth back den mark oblow

Kelly Slater and Jason Dill, Costa Rica, Circa 2000 Back Den 053

“it does not get any more yin & yang then this. kelly slater and jason dill. we were in costa rica for a quiksilver shoot say circa 2000. was a fun shoot except for the 2 times i got food poisoning and almost died. shot on yashica t- 4.” —Mark Oblow

back den dylan rieder what youth mark oblow

Dylan Rieder, Costa Mesa, Ca Back Den 052

“dylan rieder is the closest thing i could have to a son, he’s a best friend, he’s an inspiration. I’m truly blessed skateboarding crossed our paths so long ago. I’ve been shooting photos of dylan since he was about 12 years old. lets just say it’s a part of our lives. shot at studio 35,…

mark oblow back den what youth surfing champs

Ho, Slater, Carroll and Richards, Hawaii Back Den 051

“one year when i was on the north shore shooting, i decided to set up a back drop at haleiwa joe’s and bring in some lights and shoot a few photos. champs! circa back den. camera: no can rememba. aloha.” —Mark Oblow Check out Mark Oblow’s new website and shirts here.

what youth back den dane reynolds photography Mark Oblow

Dane Reynolds, “Unda wata” Barbados, 2003 Back Den 050

“this was the first time i went on a trip with dane, we were shooting a quiksilver trunks campaign, hankphoto was shooting all the under water shots and i was shooting everything on land. natas was the grand master of the shoot.. this was one of the only shots i took underwater and it was…

Jesse Martinez, 1986, Honolulu Back Den 049

“jesse martinez, frontside wall jam 86′ honolulu, hawaii. the way wall jams shoot look…. style for days. shot on a canon ae1 with 50mm lens.” —Mark Oblow

thomas cambell what youth back den mark oblow photography

Thomas Campbell, 2009, Santa Cruz Back Den 048

“thomas campbell, 2009 at his studio in santa cruz, shot on a canon eos-1ds mark III with a canon ef 24-105mm. thomas is such an incredibly talented artist with no ends to what he can do or create. his photos are as iconic as his paintings and his films are such a treat for your…

what youth back den mark oblow nautas kapus skateboarding

Natas Kaupas, France, 1998 Back Den 047

“natas kaupas is the real deal. one of the most influential street skaters ever. style for days!! a ripping surfer. one of the most talented artist i know. nothing but love for nk. shot a a spot that no longer lives marseille, france. train station. july 1998″ —Mark Oblow

mark oblow back den what youth dylan rieder skateboard

Dylan Rieder’s Skateboard, Antwerp, 2012 Back Den 046

“as a kid i would always be so hyped on seeing the quiver shots of the surfboards, i liked to see the boards guys were riding. in skateboarding there is no quiver but i love this shot of dylan rieder’s board, antwerp 2012 shot on a leica m9 with summicron-m 50mm.” —Mark Oblow

back den mark oblow what youth bo ikeda

Bo Ikeda, Oahu late 80’s Back Den 045

“bo ikeda, palolo ramp oahu circa late 80’s. shot on a canon ae1 with 50mm lens. bo is one of hawaii’s best skateboarders, the early 80’s and 90’s were his shinning times, but if you were to go to see him sk8 today you would trip out. a style like no other with just a…

back den mark oblow what youth mark richards

Mark Richards, Oahu, Circa 2000 Back Den 044

“when i was a kid surfing in the late 70’s early 80’s the wounded gull was a dominating force in the sea. his style and iconic mr boards are for ever locked in my brain. i was blessed to get to shoot him a few times for quiksilver. such an honer!! here at waimea bay,…

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