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Scott Oblow, Kahala Hawaii, 1987 Back Den 100

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding hawaii

Editor’s note: Today is the 100th Back Den we’ve done with photographer Mark Oblow. It’s really an honor to get to show you these every Monday, the depth and scope of his work, the variety, the legitimacy of his career, past and current blows our minds every week. Take a minute today and peruse the archive. You’ll see one of the most authentic archives of our culture you’ll find. And we’re at 100 but I know we’ve barely scratched the surface of this archive.—Travis 

“back den 100!!! my big bradda soblow backside grinds over the light at poppie’s pool, kahala hawaii circa 87.

i could not think of a better photo to post for my #100 than one of my big brother. he is the reason i surfed and skateboarded.

shot with a canon ae-.” —Mark Oblow

tony trujillo mark oblwo back den what youth skateboarding

Tony Trujillo, Tampa, Circa 2000 Back Den 043

“tony trujillo shot at the skatepark of tampa. shot with a mamiya 645 50mm lens. 120 scalla. circa 2000.” —Mark Oblow

stephan janoski what youth back den mark oblow photography

Stefan Janoski, Costa Mesa, CA 2013 Back Den 042

“stefan janoski shot at studio 35, 2013. stefan has had his hair as many colors as he has had shoes. canon eos-1 ds mark III. carl zeiss 50mm” —Mark Oblow

back den mark gonzales what youth mark oblow

Mark Gonzales, Oahu, Circa 1980 Back Den 041

Birthday Polaroid of The Gonz

what youth back den mark oblow rob roskopp

Rob Roskopp, Hawaii, Circa 1980’s Back Den 040

“rob roskopp blasting one footed over my car, in hawaii kai one afternoon in the 80’s. we would surf during the days when it was hot then skate in the afternoons when it got cooler. gibo in the back ground. shot on my canon AE-1” —Mark Oblow

back den david carson what youth

David Carson Back Den 039

“not only did i have the opportunity to work with david carson at quiksilver,  but he published my photos in his books. here is a photo of the proof of the book “trek” it features my photo of nathan fletcher. shot with a yeshiva t- 4″ —Mark Oblow

Back Den Arto Saari what youth mark oblow

Arto Saari, China, circa 2000 Back Den 038

“it was crazy when we first started to go to china, people had never seen skateboarding before. we would get to a spot and within an hour there would be 200 people standing around watching. we didn’t get kicked out of spots, we had to leave because of the crowds we would make. this wasn’t…

tony hawk photographed by mark oblow what youth

Tony and Riley Hawk, San Diego, Circa 2000 Back Den 037

“tony and riley hawk, shot at their home in san diego. i was sent to shoot denim, but as soon as i saw his pool i knew we had to shoot in it. riley was there so i had him jump in. father and son love! circa 2000” —Mark Oblow

Mark Oblow Back Den what youth

Brandon Holstein, San Pedro, CA Back Den 036

Brawnybuilt, San Pedro, CA

back den mark oblow what youth johnee kop

Johnee Kop, Hawaii circa 1980’s Back Den 035

“johnee kop, blasting a method air over the air bowl at wallows with da boys, circa ’80s. johnee was one of the first pros out of hawaii, and was the one that got christian hosoi hooked up with us, he also was the one that got me on vision. peter pan, kop, yes! shot with…

back den mark oblow george clinton what youth

George Clinton, Circa 2000 Back Den 034

“i spent an evening with george clinton, and watched him paint, drink wine, and talk about music. stories about his many children, elvis, and being color blind. what a night! parliament, p funk! living legend. shot with a contax t-3, kodak nc 400 35mm circa 2000″ —Mark Oblow

back den little dragon what youth

Little Dragon, Los Angeles, 2014 Back Den 033

“its so cool to be able to shoot photos of a band that you love. I’ve been listening to little dragon for a while and am such a fan, on a monday my agent called me and said i know its late notice but do you want to shoot little dragon tonight? dreams do come…

what youth back den mark oblow omar salazar

Omar Salazar, Europe, 2009 Back Den 032

“when omar salazar is on he’s on. that’s how he is in life that’s how he is on a skateboard. he just sees things differently. in an airport in europe he saw these birds and was so excited about this shot. after i saw what he was trying to explain, I was too. god bless…

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