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Conversation With: Ceramic Animal Love Pits at Chain Reaction

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Video: Sidney Kreitzer

It’s not every day you run into a five-man brotherhood from Philadelphia that has a range of wild keys and smooth vocals all at once. A few nights ago, this handful of feral gentlemen stopped in Anaheim amidst their tour across the states that gathered the likes of youth at a cozy little gem in Anaheim called Chain Reaction. Before they went on and started a love pit for all the couples in the audience we talked about what project they will be cooking in their studio and the tour road ahead.

What Youth: Hey how’s it going? Erik: Doing well man.

How did you all meet? We are from the Philadelphia area and the three of us are brothers.

Warren: We all zoned into what each liked and that’s where we are today.

Erik: I got a guitar when I was in third grade, then Elliott got a drum set at one point. Then we switched then I took over the drumset. Then Warren found my guitar and it had one or two strings on it but he could play it.

Rad, how did your parents feel about having their kids playing together? They loved it. They tried to go to as many shows as they can you know when we were playing more local. They would be at shows frequently. As we started to go on the road of out of state they’re big fans. Our Dad who just passed away in October and he was a huge fan.

Our condolences man, Anthony how was rollerblading a bit and tell us more of your “Killr Boots” tattoo? My toe tattoo actually spells out “Killr Boots” which is a rollerblading video I watched a lot in middle school, I got it when I was 17.

Tell us about your favorite tattoo, and why? Warren: I have two tattoos and one is a little stick-and-poke lightning bolt. It was cool because it was done with my buddies and we all did it the same night and we all have a lightning bolt. Kind shitty but cool. That was three years ago and I have this other one of this chick and she’s like sitting down engraved on a Vietnam lighter. Sometimes people get tattoos that are based off stories or meaningful things but this was like the act of doing it was the memorable part of it though it doesn’t have a specific meaning.

Word is, Elliott has some pretty classic accents he can impersonate? Elliott: [Laughs] Yeah I was working as a voiceover, so one of the gigs I ended up getting was with some people that were based in Melbourne. So I just went for it and the pitch of my accent ended hitting right exactly where they wanted it to hit. It was for a business training seminar and they needed a native speaker, they weren’t looking for an American. They had a field day with me when they discovered I was born and raised in the states.

How did you guys create the theme for your music video “Look for a Lover” with the martian? We worked with some friends in Philadelphia and we were looking for the right opportunity to do a song after our last album released. So they picked “Look for a Lover” our friend came up to us after we opened for a show with the Vaccines and it’s 70’s game show meets sci-fi. [Laughs] And we’re like let’s do it. It was their idea and they did the whole set design for the alien makeup and picked the cast. We were pretty happy with it!

How’s the tour with Spendtime? Erik: Yeah cool, we’re pretty excited you know when we were linked together for a co-headlining tour and it felt like a good fit so we’re looking forward to traveling with those guys. We just met them. They seem like good guys, but we start in Denver and finish in Chicago. We haven’t been to Florida haven’t been there yet and we’re also going to be playing at SXSW for three or four nights. Yeah man, it’s fun and we’re just rehearsing before we get out there on the road. It’s cool to pick-up and move every day while getting some coffee and hot dogs.

What’s next? Warren: We’re always writing and recording music that are in different stages of completion whenever we’re home.

Elliott: Definitely, more stuff this year maybe it’s not an album, maybe an EP. We’re also starting a podcast. It’s very free form very loose. More to come!

Thanks boys – WY


For more check out their music video “Look For A Lover”:


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Conversation With: Ceramic Animal Love Pits at Chain Reaction

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