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A quick ode to Uncle Gav Please buy this legend a cold beer. He is a surfing treasure.

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Video: Michael Cukr and Blake Myers

Yesterday you heard we went to Samoa and got hit by a cyclone before finding blue tubes and cold beers in it’s wake at Salani Surf Resort. You also saw that Gavin Beschen was there. Well, Gavin flew in from Hawaii by himself, and in true Gavin fashion showed up to the camp solo, 8 hours ahead of schedule sipping a 40oz. with all his gear. Grinning ear to ear. Thrilled to be on a surf trip. Normally, of course, the Salani Camp rolls out the red carpet and picks you up at the airport and dials in your gear. But Gavin was able to skip the layover in Fiji somehow (no one actually knows how) and he arrived way early. Instead of calling for a ride or freaking out, Gavin made his way the old fashioned way with some locals, sipped a beer and surprised everyone with his arrival. In the days of pampered groms, Gavin is a breath of the freshest air.

PHOTO: Timothy Ridenour

Once on the trip he surfed and explored and GoPro filmed everything. He is a spirit animal that’s gone missing in many facets of surfing and this post is literally just to make sure you all realize it and appreciate Uncle Gav. Maybe buy him a cold beer if you see him out and about on this planet.

Watch our “4 Cities” Episode of him above with his family on the North Shore, and stay tuned for our adventures in Samoa with him coming in Issue 20, and in our upcoming vids. We love you Gav.

PHOTO: Timothy Ridenour

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