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A reason for radio silence What Youth Issue 12 is at the printer

what youth issue 12

Hi there. I want to begin by apologizing for the silent treatment. Between finishing our 12th issue and inserting ourselves in the sea on the hour, every hour (it’s been absolutely cooking around here), we’ve hardly had a chance to talk. You know, me and you. And that’s because all the planning and prep work in the world are useless if your eyes won’t dry during the day and I’m intently working on a magazine at night. So, wanted to reconnect and let you know that we’re back and quite excited for you to see what we’ve made.

Issue 12 is one of those symbolic ones for us too because it means it’s been 3 years that we’ve existed. And while each issue we put out has it’s own chemistry, this one was especially curious. It was probably the most unique ball of clay we’ve ever molded, and I think by the end what we made it quite possibly my favorite thing yet.

We met some wild men, brilliant girls, strange creative visionaries, beautiful surfing, rock ‘n’ roll entrepreneurs and some skate dogs in NYC. Honestly, you’re not going to know what to do with it. And we hope that’s how you feel every time you crack one open.—Travis 

What Youth Issue 12 will be available September 24 

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