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And we’re in Japan With Arto Saari, Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Raven Tershy and Peter Ramondetta

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Somehow we’re here. In this wild, wild place and we are skateboarding. With some of the best dudes in the world. We’re once again following around legend Arto Saari and are joined by Japanese guru and photographer Rip Zinger. We’ve ridden bullet trains and skated ditches, ledges, seen the neon lights and the shows in Tokyo. Now we’re ready to rip.

Stay tuned.

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Dear Youth The fun that leads to sleep paralysis

“Never trust a thought that didn’t come from walking.” That’s a quote by an old madman by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche. He’s an existential pioneer and had one hell of a dark passenger throughout his life. But the man sure did drop some wisdom while he was here. I bring this up as a bit…

Coffee Sightglass San Francisco What Youth

Dear Youth A Treatise on Art and Coffee

Coffee is a drug. That’s masked by ubiquity and social acceptance but it’s just hot speed. Black hot wonderful speed. That thought lingered last Saturday morning as a nice young man in a waxed-cotton apron and mustache — and not a November mustache, but a real annual subscription to the thing — fixed my Guatemalan…

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