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Brostyle Pacific Northwest trip We went to Seattle and back with Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Corey Glick, Dylan Witkin and Aaron Homoki

Leo Romero, Brostyle
iPhone Photos: Michael Cukr

Well over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to get to know Leo Romero pretty well. He owns a griptape company called “Brostyle.” And the thing that makes a grip company special and different from a board company or shoe company is the fact that you aren’t necessarily in it to make money or have mass appeal or success which means you can basically hand pick the team or crew that represents it.

That being said… Brostyle is 100 percent the genius of Leo’s brain. He told us that he was going on a Brostyle trip for everybody to get footage and photos and if we wanted we can tag along and turn it into an article for the magazine and make a film from it, we could. so that’s exactly what we’re doing. The trip consisted of Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Corey Glick, Dylan Witkin and Aaron Homoki. Everyone on this trip is really close friends and we hopped in a van, drove to Seattle, then back home and stopped along the way. Skating, drinking, playing music, and sight seeing along the way. Here’s all of Michael Cukr’s iPhone photos (and captions) from the trip. Stay tuned for more. Full feature and short film dropping in What Youth issue 19.

Well the times are changing I guess. Now I need 4 adapters to capture footage onto my new laptop. (Firewire 400 to 800 to Thunderbolt to USB-C)

My cat Natassja and HPX

Glick sitting on a dock on a Lake in Seattle.

“The good fool”

“God is gay”

Look we’re having fun!

“Sickness Brother”

Dudes thinking about landing stuff.

What dudes look like after they land stuff.

Everyone thinking, “Why the fuck are we at this spot?”

Dakota against van.

Jaws spot or no?

Not really sure why anybody would shoot 27p but sure we’ll take it.

Don’t remember what we were watching.

Bought a replica of the declaration of independence and taped it to the side of the van.

Love this dude.

Stuff we taped to the side of the van.

We were skating a rail at this church and this kid asked if, “the heavenly father said you can do that here?” and I started filming him and told him to say it again and he just flipped me off.

This was after we went to one strip club called the “Boom Boom Room” til 2am. We heard about this spot next door that was 24 hours. So we checked it out… turns out it was $120 minimum and it was only “private dances.”

Really cool “F” shirt.

Boys club.



Not sure what’s happening here.


Jaws’ foot is fucked.

Glick and HK.

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