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Craig Anderson at Desert Point Full Gallery Photographed by Nate Lawrence

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Editor’s Note: When Nate Lawrence calls and says he’s going to Desert Point with Craig Anderson, I mostly assume that Nate means he will be surfing alongside Craig, because Nate fucking loves surfing Desert Point and he more or less hates shooting Desert Point. But on this trip, he did a bit of both. And each night he texted us teasers of the world’s most poetic goofyfooted style going very left, on very pretty waves. Here is a sample of what that looks like. And a quick dispatch from Nate. —Travis 

It’s crowded as fuck. Aggressive people love to puff their chest out here. The Brazilian Storm is in full effect at Deserts, and it’s not one of those cool tropical thunderstorms. It’s the shitty kind. The stay in your house and watch an entire season of Lost and then bang your head against the wall kind.

But it’s perfect. The wave. It’s absolutely perfect. And that’s why we went. And that’s why they went. So who can really blame them.

I’ll write some more in the morning when I get off this ferry and take a bath in Purell. —Nate Lawrence

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