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“It’s a weird feeling” Brendon Gibbens on being in Cluster

I was en-route back to South Africa from WA when Kai invited me to Europe for the Cluster tour. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation, spent 10 hours in SA and then flew directly to Spain to meet up with Kai, minus the board bag. It’s a weird feeling to be in a Kai film. Surreal and amazing. Wasn’t long ago I was downloading these movies. Next thing I know I’m touring around Europe with Kai, premiering one I have a part in.

IMG_3917 IMG_4248

From the first premiere in San Sebastian, followed up by Barcelona and ending in Newquay, Cornwall (UK), it was a very surreal experience. Ever since Modern Collective came out, I’ve been a huge fan of Kai’s films, so to be involved in Cluster is an absolute dream come true for me.

IMG_4218 IMG_4326

I remember downloading Lost Atlas in 2011 at my sisters apartment in London while I was in transit for a ‘QS. After watching the film, I was hugely inspired by the soundtrack and the surfing and was extremely envious of the free surfing lifestyle those guys lived. The same happened when Dear Suburbia came out, although that time I was at home in South Africa and it took nine hours to download from the Apple Store because of the lousy internet. That was painful, because I was dying to see the film!

IMG_4367 IMG_4141 IMG_4026

Now with Cluster having dropped, I find myself back in London after the Newquay premiere, my flight departs back to SA tomorrow morning and I’m busy downloading Cluster at my sister apartment. It’s strange how it’s come full circle. It felt like yesterday when I was downloading Lost Atlas. It’s a weird feeling.

I’m still in awe every time I watch Cluster. I’m very grateful to be working alongside such a talented and progressive bunch of guys. I’m very lucky. —Brendon Gibbens.

Photos: Kai Neville & Brendon Gibbens

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