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“It’s still not on!” The WSL learning surfing is still a shit show

While I’m quite certain Samsung Galaxy’s products are not for anyone, the WSL and Samsung may be learning the hard way that surfing is definitely not for everyone. A 9th 10th straight lay day has forced the WSL to extend the waiting period for the Quiksilver Pro until Friday the 13th, in turn costing them a lot of money, forcing us to watch more average commercials disguised as “content,” giving us even more “lay days” to track our favorite surfers on “social media,” more commercials and more sound bite quotes like this from Kieren Perrow: “We’ll continue to monitor conditions and make another call at 11:30 a.m.”

Makes you wonder if “It’s on!” was the best slogan for the tour, when that essentially is only uttered a maximum 36 times all year out of 132 attempts. Might be time to field test: “WSL: We are off for the day and we’ll come back tomorrow and reassess conditions!”

Maybe this is just the first sign of the WSL and it’s list of corporate sponsors and big executive teams back in Los Angeles realizing: wow, surfing is a damn shit show! Maybe we should have stuck to softball. Or golf. Or hockey. Because who in their right mind would think you could package this all up SportsCenter-tight, add some carefully-curated polo shirts and cliche and sell it to the masses? Apple sure as hell wouldn’t.

Surfing doesn’t package neatly for us or the masses, and I don’t think many of us really want it to anyway. —Travis


^^This is what happens when you quit hanging with Dill. 


Peter Mel and Strider Wasilewski hanging with Dill in NYC. PHOTO: Oblow


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