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Photo: Two Dollars Please

“We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.” John Steinbeck wrote that line in his essay “Paradox and Dream”. I’m sure you’ve read it. 

Anyway, we like that line. It relates to our lives in the water. In America. On the Internet. In this industry. We’re all searching, battling and struggling all the time — for more success, for more, more, more. That’s existence today and it was existence always. Fame, fortune, money, and a house on the hill so we can “surf” more. All working with high hopes that we’ll one day win the battle for happiness — someday in the future, forgetting to look around. But the thing that no one ever realizes or tells you (until you read Steinbeck), is there’s nothing out there on the horizon. The planet aint flat and that isn’t a fucking sunset. Your happiness isn’t out there waiting. It’s right there, in your camera phone pointed at the meaningless orange horizon. It’s in the terminal at LAX. In the drive-thru. On the freeway in traffic. It’s not over the hill. It’s right here. Don’t miss it.

And until you realize that, you won’t find what you’re looking for. And if you do, prepare to hate it. Because it’s only then you’ll miss the days of gridlock and hardship. You’ll miss the creativity of youth. The energy of failure. Which is why we are here. More for the struggle of today than the boat trip of tomorrow. That’s our shit. We can’t get skunked because we don’t know what that means.

In two weeks we’ll be screening our good friend Jeremy Asher Lynch’s new film “Remind Me To Forget” right here at The photo of Alex Knost above was taken on the set by Jeremy. —Travis 

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