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Dear Youth Noa Deane’s washed up traveler kit

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05.29.14 – TAGS:

A lot of people like to snap photos of their ultra-curated travel kits: vintage camera, neat bag, perfectly-folded shirt, passport, funny hat, postcards, Moleskin, etc. You know the shot. Well, over the past few years the travel kits we’ve seen don’t exactly look like that. They’re more like this. So here’s the first in a series of travel kits on the go, this one is Noa Deane:

1. Passport: For international roaming and soul wrangling.

2. Fender Jag-stang electric guitar: Noa brings this thing everywhere he goes.

3. Bag of sponsor stickers (Rusty and Globe and Dragon): For the boards and random decorating on the road.

4. Apple Macbook Pro: For typing.

5. Mini twin portable amp: To plug in and play jams on the road.

6. Guitar case: To protect the Jaguar.

7. Jetlag/hangover: Not really sure which is which at this stage, but this is in Bali after furious travel across Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Padang, two weeks on a boat in Indo and it finally stopped. Right here.

8. Cluster sticker: because he’s gonna be in it.

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