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Dear Youth The adolescents are coming

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01.20.14 – TAGS:

Tomorrow we’ll be unveiling a new series we’ve been working on called The Adolescents. The idea behind the series is to illuminate and introduce you to some of the younger surfers we’ve been watching and getting psyched on. Kai Neville has been grooming and documenting the elite in surfing through his filmmaking for a while now and we can all feel a major shift about to occur. And we want to know who’s next. Who’s coming on the road with us? Who’s got that unique trait to go along with a wild tail whip? Because at the end of the day, flair in the water is what gets you there, but it takes a lot more to rise above the chaotic world of web clips and over-hyped Vimeo links.

The thing that will separate this group is who they are. We’re looking for kids who go beyond the jersey. Beyond the trophy. The next group of kids we want running around the globe hunting ramps. Technically sound but those who bring something more. Check back tomorrow and all week as we unveil the first round of eye-catchers. Remember these names.

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Dear Youth The fun that leads to sleep paralysis

“Never trust a thought that didn’t come from walking.” That’s a quote by an old madman by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche. He’s an existential pioneer and had one hell of a dark passenger throughout his life. But the man sure did drop some wisdom while he was here. I bring this up as a bit…

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Dear Youth A Treatise on Art and Coffee

Coffee is a drug. That’s masked by ubiquity and social acceptance but it’s just hot speed. Black hot wonderful speed. That thought lingered last Saturday morning as a nice young man in a waxed-cotton apron and mustache — and not a November mustache, but a real annual subscription to the thing — fixed my Guatemalan…

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