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did you see that new WSL commercial? Is Dion right? Is it time we say no to the WSL?

I’m quite depressed right now. There are the sharks. Crowds. Hospitals. Stress. Bills. Work. Marketing. Branded Content. And WSL.

And it’s the WSL that’s really getting to me right now.

This morning the first thing I read on Instagram was Dion Agius (on Aussie time) calling out the WSL for turning their new promo video (and surfing in the process) into something that would even embarrass the promo whores of the UFC. Wizardy! 194 lbs! Warriors! It’s quite the video. (Watch it above).

Here is what Dion wrote:

Is this really for real? What on earth is @wsl trying to turn surfing into? Who is approving this? 195 lbs of BOOM? WIZARDRY? WARRIORS? Have a look at the latest Instagram clip promoting the next Brazil event and tell me this shit isn’t getting out of hand.

All set to a horrifying dub step song/thing that even Neon Carnival attendees would run from. I actually encourage you to watch it though. But beware the confusion that will follow. You’ll be sketching sharks before it’s over just to brighten your day. Maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, someone actually asked me a good question today: “Was the WSL/ASP/Bud Surf Tour etc. ever really cool?”

I thought about this for a while, I mean, presentation wise, not really. There have been some great moments over the years, no one can doubt that. The Bud Tour comes to mind. But outside of those Samurai helmets they gave to Tom Carroll for winning the Chiemsee Pipe Masters and Andy’s run, it’s been pretty shit. There was also a golden moment in my opinion right around when the webcasts were new and glitchy and the commentary raw and candid, brought to you by the brands and the excitement of actually watching live was fresh. I think that was the pinnacle. I would stay up to watch with friends and drink beer and feel like we were part of a cool underground club, listening to Snake Patterson and Ronnie Blakey say borderline inappropriate things and some totally valid things all in one sentence. They said it like the dudes at the beach say it, and it felt, for the very fleeting moment, rad. Ours.

But those days are over and now there is that. Whatever that is. Now we have incredible technology and the presentation is incredible, but the marketing is, well, that. And I can’t do that. Officially time to log off from the WSL, just like I did meat. Even if I’m all alone. —Travis 





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