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Issue 15 party in the desert Full-moon skinny dips, The Paranoyds and a new issue of What Youth in the desert

what youth issue 15 launch party
Photos: Victoria Smith

At one point last night I looked around and everyone was either in just underwear or swimming in the ACE pool with all their clothes on. The moon was full. The Paranoyds had just blown our minds and HUF and Richer Poorer had kitted everyone out with gear, and then we were swimming.

We were nowhere near a beach. And it was midnight and still too hot to skate. But it was all good. I have a skate wound on my ankle but it’s not from skating. There is a new, hot pink covered issue of What Youth with Soli Bailey on the cover floating around. And we are hungover, yes. But for great reason, yes. The Paranoyds are sitting next to us at the ACE Hotel Pool right now. So yes, we are still here and might just do it again. But here’s what you missed if you didn’t get on the run to join us last night in the desert.

A great night of music, chlorine, surf and skate vids and rad people. Thanks everyone who traveled from near and far to come rock and hangout. And thanks to HUF and Richer Poorer for making sure we woke up with dry shoes and socks.

And be sure to get the Paranoyds new split EP with Fernando and the Narcs here.

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