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Once the Testosterone Settles A little behind-the-scenes glimpse at Beau Foster’s new movie Shitkicker to ease the tension

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Photos: Josh Simpson

There is a lot of testosterone in the air right now. People are SHOUTING. Good and bad. Tears are flowing and emotions are really raging. So let’s take a deep breath and remember how fun surfing is. Which is what Beau Foster’s new film “Shitkicker” is. And yes, we are very proud of Adriano DeSouza and his massive accomplishment — even though one time surfing at Off the Wall he almost ran me over and then yelled at me. It was my first time on the North Shore and it was very scary, but I’ve since moved on, and I was even kind of pulling for him there today. It’s nice to see someone get something they genuinely want and have actually worked really hard for — which is what Adriano has done.

On the other note, Beau Foster and his friends — including Andrew Doheny, Creed Mactaggart, Ellis Ericsson and more have made a movie that’s about as much fun as you can have on film. It’s called Shitckicker and it World Premiere’s tomorrow exclusively at

Check this behind-the-scenes gallery of all the fun they’ve had.

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