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New issue is at the printer, now what? Well, hit the road. And have a party of course.

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“Do you know how many times I clicked my fucking mouse to make this thing?” We’ll chalk this up to “shit art director’s say,” but it’s true, ours, Scott Chenoweth, did probably click his mouse a lot of times. And it was all for you, because we made another issue. Number 18! Hot damn.

While most of the world figures out new ways to baffle us, we’re in here making stuff in our own little art bunker. Books. Videos. Movies. Fucking Instagram videos. Yesterday we realized our social media “strategy” was a joke, so we decided to keep it that way. And since the printer man just left with the files to make a new mag, and we’ve got some clarity and a strong desire to drink, surf, roll in the sand and generally get reckless, we figure we’d give you a little hint, preview, couple dates to save, etc because we have a summer itinerary that both invigorates and terrifies us. And you’re coming with.

Oh, and here’s what’s in the upcoming issue, which can be yours JUNE 27. You will find Dane Reynolds (his Fairly Normal is out JUNE 28). A really interesting analysis and update on his new brand Former and just how the hell he got it there. There’s a seemingly impossible skate brand coming out of Russia (PACCBET) who blew our damn mind about how difficult it can be to maintain authenticity and how fucking down they are for the challenge. Noa Deane’s in there punting with Chippa and all the boys. There’s music by BOYTOY, the Coathangers, The Murder City Devils. Lots of escapism via mai tais. In all reality, now that I just finished reading the proofs, it’s a theme issue. Themed around people who refused to do things they don’t want to be doing. And not out of laziness, but out of the desire to do things better. How we do it. Like this.

We’re going to have a party for the new issue. One in LA. One in SF. One probably in New York. And rest of the globe, we see you too. And while I have you: sign up for our newsletter! It’s where we’re going to be giving you dates and invites and things early so you can get hooked up. You’re our priority. Promise we won’t ever just rehash our website for your inbox or bore you. If we show up in your inbox, it means we’ve got something for you. That’s all for now, I’ll leave you by saying June 27 is going to be a good day to be here. —Travis 

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