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The same day in Amsterdam and Paris Europe for the Brixton Broadcast and a bit of radical class tourism

Paris is far too big to seen properly in one day, yet so damn pretty you can feel like you did. And we’re here, right now, but not for long. As is too often the case.

We were in Amsterdam last weekend and then Paris. A few nights ago, we watched and documented the Brixton Broadcast Amsterdam featuring Kadaver, Salem’s Pot and The Anomalys. A night of really good, heavy doom and punk music in northern Europe. A few hours after that wrapped, we woke up in Paris. Because, when you can be in Paris. You should. Even if it’s for a few hours. The sun is out late, the skies swirl in hues of blue and grey and on every corner is a building that looks like it was sculpted by the guy who invented goth.IMG_0989

Being here, it’s hard not to let my historic, literature nerd brain swirl with daydreams of where Hemingway sat alternating aperitifs and Espresso or where Picasso picked up his mistresses, but if one can calm the anxious nerves with a deep enough pull of the Bordeaux and just enjoy what you can see, 36 hours in Paris can be bliss. You don’t need to see all of that to feel all of it. And while I’m writing this between cafe’ wifi signals, I’ll have a guide to doing it as best as you can very shortly.

If you’ve never been here, Paris is a very alive city. It’s also VERY diverse. Shapes, colors, lifestyles and languages swirl around like leaflets on every street. There is the terrific fashion sense of young French girls. There is always that. And there are noises and cultures overlapping in every neighborhood you walk through. When it rains you dance. When it’s sunny you stroll. And when a man sells you a beer you can walk with it open in broad daylight while looking at the Eiffel Tower. We’re in Paris. But never for long enough.—Travis

Stay tuned for more updates from Europe and the Brixton Broadcast in Amsterdam

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