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We saw Meatbodies at Thalia’s Wax Ball A sick monthly rock show in Laguna Beach

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Once a month Laguna Beach gets a fresh breath of live music thanks to Thalia Surf Shop’s Wax Ball shows at the Marine Room in downtown Laguna. These rowdy nights do a solid job of waking up the neighbors and “keeping Laguna weird.”

This month’s Wax Ball (which has featured Laguna local Ty Segall and his bands in the past) delivered another mosh-worthy night last week. Local LA band Prettiest Eyes started off the evening with loud psychedelic punk rock and were followed by Mild High Club —a newer project by Chicago and LA based musician, Alexander Bretten. Contrasting the rowdier band before, their dreamier and more experimental sounds settled in nicely between the opener and headliner Chad Ubo’s: Meatbodies.


Meatbodies are really loud and really fast, shaking up the quiet and cute little town of Laguna Beach just right. Frontman Chad Ubo’s music dominates your ears and your soul in a true dark metal fashion. Nothing about Meatbodies is censored, it’s pure wildness and no matter what your taste in music is, you’re going to like it. Period. I swear I saw Laguna moms and and dads in the midst of the moshpit, banging their heads into oblivion.

These shows are usually only $5.00 — which is a fucking steal. Check out the Thalia Blog for show info. And attend. This shit makes us happy. —Asal Shahindoust


Watch our interview with Chad Ubo from Meatbodies below. 

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