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Why would anyone wanna leave Paris? Donald Trump is making it harder to be a youth on the run

Photo: Kai Neville

The great Gloria Steinem put it best: In response to Trump’s attempt at pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement:

“Too late, we’re already pregnant.”

Yesterday Donald Trump announced that the United States was leaving the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, I suggest you do a little homework (always a good idea), but the short of it: the world (195 eligible countries) agreed to work together to not ruin the planet. Well, Donald Trump pulled out of that deal, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries allowed to participate who don’t. It’s going to take him years to actually pull out because he didn’t read the actual agreement close enough to see that he can’t even ask to be let out until November 2019, but his announcement makes Americans look silly nonetheless. Thankfully, California, New York, Boston and 40 other US states, as well as companies like Apple, Google and Shell have vowed to hold up their end of the agreement, despite Trump’s strange announcement.

As young people who are fortunate to travel the world, every single decision like this that is made directly effects the entire planet and you and me as a result. And as tension and political arguments continue across the US and the world, we just hope that you’ll consider yourself a human being ahead of all else. Nationalism and patriotism and politics look silly when you forget about the actual planet. The bigger picture. Without it, you don’t have a flag to wave. Love people. Love the earth. And respect and devour culture, both your own and other peoples. We’re all in this together. And do visit Paris, as often as you can. —Travis 

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