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Girl We Adore: Grace Gardiner Our valentine loves the Philadelphia Eagles and David Bowie and will be have a gin soda

Love is in the air today. And Darren Ankenman made our hearts hurt when he sent us these rad shots of Grace Gardiner. So we hit her up to get sorta deep and meaningful with our love day muse in an all new Girl We Adore. Meet Grace Gardiner.

What Youth: What is your full name?

Grace Kelly Gardiner

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a small rural town in South Jersey right outside of Philadelphia (go birds!). The location was pretty unique. I was right in between the beach and the city which meant lots of surfing in the summer and lots of concerts when I wasn’t surfing!

I still try to go home as much as possible, but unfortunately I don’t surf or stage dive as much as I did growing up.

If we sat next to you at a bus stop and struck up conversation, what would we talk about? 

How the Eagles finally won the super bowl!

When have you been the most satisfied in life? 

When I quit smoking cigarettes.

What was the last thing you failed at? 

My friend tried to teach me how to play Skyrim the other night. Definitely a fail.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I like to be comfortable and wear clothes that make me feel like myself, so that’s usually a good vintage tee shirt and some Levi’s. Chucks or vans, sometimes funky heels.

Do you think the future will be better than the present?


Who or what influences your everyday life? 

Music and the weather. I’m pretty nasty if it’s cloudy out and i can’t listen to good music.

What drives you creatively? 

My friends. They’re always doing cool stuff and inspiring me to pick up a camera or do something creative.

What drives you insane?

When my boyfriend plays Papa Roach really loud at 6 am to wake me up. Sometimes he’ll take all of the blankets off the bed and hide them if I really won’t get up. Drives me crazy!

What energy do you channel when someone is taking photographs of you? 

I like to keep it light and fun and try not to take myself too seriously. Good music always helps!

Have you broken someone’s heart?

My mom says i break her heart every time i get another tattoo :(

What lie do you repeatedly tell yourself? 

“i’m ok!”

Are you a traveler? If so, where’s next? 

Yeah! Next stop is Pittsburgh next week for work and then back to New York.

If we took you to lunch, your choice, where we going?

There’s a little French restaurant in Brooklyn called Mominette that does $1 oysters every day and $4 gin sodas. I go there at least once a week whenever I’m home.

3 favorite bands?

That’s a tough one! David Bowie isn’t a band but he counts right? He’s my favorite. I really like the Strokes and the Rolling Stones too!

For more of Grace check her out on instagram @gracekgardiner

Photography by @darren_ankenman

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