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One Roll 001 Nate Lawrence’s black and white film roll from Indo

what youth one roll kolohe andino nate lawrence

Checking out photos once they’re edited, doctored up, color corrected, Instagrammed and Photoshopped is one thing. But what happens when you shoot an actual roll of film and put it up as is? That’s what we wanted to do. It’s not very often you get the chance the see the whole roll, in all it’s raw beauty.

We have so many drawers of developed film here, we decided we need to give you access to them. In this installment of “One Roll” we let loose on our own Nate Lawrence’s film taken during our recent boat trip to the Mentawais to shoot our upcoming film with Kolohe Andino. What you find is a raw, unedited roll, just like mom used to pick up from Costco. Featuring Kolohe Andino, Taj Burrow, Ian Crane, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko and Dino Andino.

*Click the sample gallery above to peruse the entire roll of Nate’s film. 

what youth one roll craig anderson photography by nate lawrence

One Roll: In-between with Craig and Ryan Nate Lawrence’s black and white roll on the road for Thomas Campbell’s new film

It takes a lot of work to create the beautiful films and shiny imagery that Thomas Campbell and Nate Lawrence are after on a trip like this. But we all know there’s a lot more going on during these trips. The hotel room beers, the naps, the transit, the trips to the city etc. And…

one roll sammy boo reynolds dane reynolds photography

One Roll: Sammy Boo Reynolds We put Dane’s son to work…again

Dane Reynolds didn’t grow up around a lot of kids. We learned this during filming of his Fairly Normal. But that was surprising because he’s such a natural dad now. Sammy is a little ball of energy living in a surreal reality I know fascinates the hell out of all of us. The animals. The…

what youth one roll colin moran

One Roll 025: Colin Moran The best photo journalism starts by being there

Colin Moran is mostly known as a good surfer from Newport Beach. Actually he has one of our favorite styles out there right now, and starred in our short film Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place last summer. And it really feels like he’s just getting going. He recently sent us this roll of film,…

what youth one roll nick green

One Roll 024: Sydney by Nick Green After the Vans Park Series with Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Grant Taylor, and more

Nick Green is a photographer and filmmaker and friend of ours. He recently sent us a batch of photos that somewhat aimlessly ended up on a roll of film he shot while in Sydney during the Vans Park Series. “I went to Sydney with no real plans, he told us. I just wanted to party and chill…

what youth one roll music

One Roll 023: Steve Rowe When We Were Young Show at The Observatory

A couple different generations collided in Costa Mesa, CA over the weekend. With a lineup that included ’90s and noughties emo-ish bands like AFI, Morrissey, Descendants, Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, Alkaline Trio and The Get Up Kids, as well as modern acts like Sheer Mag, Sunflower Bean, Beach Fossils and tons more, several…

what youth one roll volcom pipe house

One Roll 022: From Gerry’s Place Nate Leal shoots the faces who pass through the Volcom House on the North Shore

I was recently walking along the houses on the North Shore, each with it’s own hum of humans drinking and eating and blasting music beneath the starry sky. The place feels like a movie set, somehow well lit, even at night in the dark, the parts you need to see are lit. As I listened…

One Roll 021: Michael Cukr Japan to Bangkok to Australia and back with some of your favorites including Chippa and Ozzie

Last year we did some traveling. And Michael Cukr did a serious portion of it himself. He recently fired up his scanner and found some film from the journeys. This full roll of film was snapped during a 3-legged monster of travel that included Japan, Bangkok, and Australia. And once in Australia we went to…

One Roll 020: Michael Cukr When the What Youth parking lot caught fire, backstage at HQ and us shipping the Dylan Issue

I woke up this morning and everything said 2016 sucked. And fuck, at times it most certainly did. We lost a lot of great this year. But if there’s nothing else you get out of checking out our site, mags or vids, is that, well, thats’ part of this shark fight called life. It’s how…

One Roll 019: Tom Carey One unedited roll of film shot behind the scenes on the North Shore

The North Shore is a bizarre and beautiful place. On the surface it can look like a surf mecca with tourists, bystanders and a few sprinkles of international professional surfers and locals — not unlike any surf town. But upon closer inspection, it is one the most authentic surf experiences on the planet. And the…

One Roll 018: Sweden and Norway A roll of film shot by Michael Cukr

Next month we’ll be premiering a new film we made from this trip through Scandinavia. We brought all sorts of boards: some surf, some snow, some skate and even more jackets. Chippa Wilson, Jake Blauvelt, Keegan Valaika and Louif Paradis bundled up with us and wandered through the all-day light. And our very own Michael Cukr fired…

what youth one roll jordan brown ishod wair copenhagen

One Roll 017: The Copenhagen Open Shot and captioned by Jordan Brown

Every year all of skating’s best descend on Copenhagen. Jordan Brown was there running around with his trusty point and shoot and a roll of film. This is what he got. For more of his photography, check it out here. Click the gallery for full screen and captions by Jordan.

what youth one roll scott chenoweth surfing

One Roll 016: From the Mentawais A roll of film shot on the boat by Scott Chenoweth

The voyage out to the Mentawais from Padang was rough. We set sail with a batch of fresh faces including Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Colin Moran, Kai Hing, Luke Hynd and Zak Condon. We left for the crossing straight into a storm with gusts so strong they snapped one of the ropes holding up the main…

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