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One Roll 002 Nate Lawrence in the Canary Islands for Cluster

kai neville chippa wilson ryan callinan what youth cluster surfing

Checking out photos once they’re edited, doctored up, color corrected, Instagrammed and Photoshopped is one thing. But what happens when you shoot an actual roll of film and put it up as is? That’s what we wanted to do with this department. It’s not very often you get the chance the see the whole roll, in all it’s raw beauty. Nate is brave, here’s another, and a few words on shooting it. —Travis 

Every surf trip has it’s ups and downs. The waves. The direction. The winds. It’s never a for sure thing, but that’s what makes it so fun when you do score those special days. But score or not, the people you’re with makes all the difference. And documenting this Cluster film has been the funnest times I’ve ever had on the road. The Canaries had the worst waves of any trip during filming — but we had so much fun at video arcades, bowling, throwing rocks, drinking, singing Riff Raff songs and chasing our tail. Practically best trip ever.

So here’s 1 roll of film that I shot in the Canaries while filming for Cluster where we didn’t score any good waves. Would I trade good waves for being on a trip with 4 pricks? Never. —Nate Lawrence

what youth dylan goodale one roll photography

One Roll 015: Tahiti in Black and White Photographed by Dylan Goodale and starring Danny Fuller and Billy Kemper

Billy is texting with Raimana and starts to smirk.  “Hey Brother! We’ll see you at the airport Friday morning! But who is this Dylan Goodale? Danny says he comes with you guys? Who is this?” Billy pauses, reads the text over, ponders an appropriate response as he looks at me wondering the same thing I…

One Roll 014: The Dear Suburbia Boat Trip A roll of black and white shot by Nate Lawrence of Dane, Kolohe, Jack, Taj and EG

We were going through some old film folders today and stumbled upon this bit of modern history: One Roll shot by Nate Lawrence. Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. My have we all grown. Click below to see the whole roll:  Watch the footage from Issue 2 and Dear Suburbia, here: 

what youth one roll hamish humphrys

One Roll 013: Hamish Humphreys From boat trip action to the city of Melbourne

Remember Hamish Humphreys? You may know the name from his time assisting and working with our very own Nate Lawrence. He was shooter number two on every Cluster trip. He’s lived in Bali and shot all the action a man can shoot. And now he made a move. And moved to Melbourne, Australia. Just because….

what youth photo credit

One Roll 012: Olya Matvieieva Holding still on the East Coast

Olya Matvieieva has been submitting photos to us since we started What Youth and they’ve always especially caught our eye. They are calm, still, rich in color and always shot on film — all rare and charming qualities in a world gone completely mad and hurried and digital. Her photos silently shout. And appear to exist in…

what youth one roll japan kevin terpening

One Roll 011: What Youth Japan Behind the scenes of our trip to Japan by Jordan Brown

We recently wrapped up a trip to Japan with Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair and Raven Tershy. The trip was photographed by Arto Saari and legendary Japanese skater and photog Rip Zinger. You’ll see those photos in What Youth Issue 13 coming in December. But since the trip was supported by Monster and team…

what youth one roll photography

One Roll 010 California for the summer with Giovanni Corabi

Giovanni Corabi emailed us recently and  included a roll of film he shot in California, which you’ll find below. Thats’ all he did. But it turns out the photos are really good. Just beautiful photos. Check em out. And remember this could be you. Hit us up, blow our mind. And now meet Giovanni. WHAT…

One Roll 009: Nate Tyler in California Roll(s) shot by Michael Cukr

We tricked Nate Tyler into letting us come stay with him at his beautiful home in Central California a few weeks ago. We told him we’d make a video about him (which we did), but really, we just wanted to hang with him and his beautiful family in his lovely hometown. It really is where…

What Youth one roll dane reynolds

One Roll 008: San Francisco with Dane Roll shot by Kai Neville, circa 2011

It’s crazy how a single roll of film can mean so much. We recently came across this one that Kai shot during a spontaneous trip to SF with Dane Reynolds. Dane was surfing in the Rip Curl Search in SF and we had just quit our jobs and were trying to make What Youth a…

ONE ROLL 007: Darren Ankenman New York in Spring

Darren Ankenman has become an in-house favorite. We recently filmed, hungout, interviewed and featured him for What Youth Issue 11 — which, while we’re on the subject is what we will be celebrating all week with glimpses into the pages, more information, teases and giveaways and hopefully some reasons for you to buy it and…

one roll brother kolohe andino what youth

One Roll 006: Filming for Brother Nate Lawrence’s film from Indonesia

There was a Phantom camera. Two RED cameras. Two action photographers. Dino’s friend with a Handy cam. 14 iPhones. And Nate Lawrence’s Olympus point and shoot. Which is what you see here. Simple camera. Real photos. On film. With a date stamp! And definitely worth a scroll. Most of these photos are taken from our…

one roll what youth

One Roll 005 Nate Lawrence in West Oz for Cluster

Nate Lawrence shot this roll of film in Western Australia while the boys were filming for Cluster. Creed, Craig, Noa, Chippa and Ryan were all posted up in the wilderness with a pizza oven and days were filled hitting slabs once they went onshore. One film roll, no edits.

One Roll 004: Christopher Krieb Winner of our Remember What Youth camera giveaway

We recently gave away 10 disposable What Youth film cameras via our Instagram (@whatyouth) in our #Rememberwhatyouth contest. The contest was aimed at sifting through the sea of amateur photographs on Instagram in hopes of delivering a real camera to some of you to show us your world for real. One of those people was Christopher Krieb…

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