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Photo Credit: Timmy Ridenour Portfolio 031: From the filming of “Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place”

Name: Timothy Ridenour

AKA: Timmy Toes

Age: 28

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Do you remember the first photo you took?

I had a photography class in high school and we would go on field trips and just shoot pictures all day. It was the best class I ever took. Such a good experience. Working in the dark room and the whole process of developing film. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Describe your approach to photography.

Wait for that moment in life that presents itself as special to you then hope you have a camera nearby because those moments can be quick. Also it’s good to put yourself in situations where others might not want to be. Big waves. Desolate locations.

How did you end up in Indonesia?

I’ve been visiting good friends here for a long time. A few years ago I got a job offer to work on an organic cacao farm, so I stayed on. The job allows me time to shoot when I want, which is good.

Who’s work inspires you?

I grew up in Santa Cruz watching guys like Tony Roberts, Patrick Trefz, Nate Lawrence and Dave Nelson do their thing. All amazing photographers with different styles, which is good to see and learn from. But basically I’m inspired by anybody out there who puts themselves in extreme situations to get an amazing photo. That’s powerful and demands respect.

Interests outside photography?

I worked for a long time in hydrology and ground water locating in California. It’s an amazing field that affects everyone. The human body is composed mostly of water and you can’t survive for too long without it.

We heard you love chocolate.

Haha, yes its true. Sometimes I eat the beans raw. It’s amazing sustained energy. So many good things about chocolate.

And it supposedly makes girls horny, so what more do you want.

What pushes you out of your comfort zone?

I’ve been in some interesting situations over the last few years here in Indonesia, some more safe then others. Definitely when the waves get big it can get a bit scary, but its good to push yourself. In scary situations positive thinking is key.

Why do you take photos?

For me photos are a history of life as I see it. In every moment there is an opportunity to capture something special, something that without a photo might be missed or forgotten. It’s a personal thing that hopefully can be shared with others so they can enjoy those moments too.

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