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Ben Nordberg and Curren Caples, Venice, California Collected Thoughts 033

Ben Nordberg and Curren Caples in Venice photographed by Scott Chenoweth What Youth
01.16.13 – TAGS: ,

PHOTO: Chenoweth

Ben Nordberg is a 23-year-old professional skater from Bath, England and Curren Caples is a 17-year old professional shred-on-everything-he-rides from Ventura, California. This odd couple find themselves sharing four walls in Hollywood (actually Curren has only stayed at their apartment for three nights in almost four months, but still, roomies!). They’re Flip Skateboard teammates and spend their days doing rad shit like surf and skate. Curren told us Ben is skating’s style equivalent to Craig Anderson. See for yourself by hitting play on Ben’s super sick Flip video part that he recently released and you’ll quickly see why Curren says that.

The waves were flat across most of California yesterday and the wind was arctic and howling, so instead of hunt for waves that didn’t exist, we called Ben and decided to follow him around for a day. We saw lots of Los Angeles. Got coffees. Toured their place, which happens to be right in the shadow of Hollywood High and The Roosevelt Hotel. Went to an Irish pub. Ate mac and cheese. And did a few snake runs at the always eclectic and packed Venice Beach skate park.

We’ll be releasing a short film from our day with Ben very soon. And then, we will all have a new friend.

Dane Reynolds photographed by Kai Neville In Japan What Youth

Dane Reynolds on Public Transportation Collected Thoughts 003

This is Dane on the train to Osaka, in Japan. Osaka is about an hour from its airport and our exit flight left the next day, and as none of us had been to Osaka we decided to ride in and see the sights. The city turns out to be rad, like a smaller Tokyo,…

Craig Anderson photographed in New York by Kai Neville What Youth

Craig Anderson between the bars Collected Thoughts 002

Photo by Kai Neville Kai took this photo of Craig a little before 1 a.m. in Brooklyn, New York. They’re leaving the strange party they wandered into after a Dirty Beaches show at Williamsburg’s Glasslands Gallery — truly they did, they sauntered all Australian through some odd open side door and into someone’s loft, where…

John John Florence in Barbados

John John in Barbados Collected Thoughts 001

This is John John Florence by the ghost of an Olympic pool at an abandoned resort in the parish of St. Lucy near the northern tip of Barbados, and what a useless cavity in the ground has he got here. The walls are too vertical to skate, there’s no water to ease the heat, there’s…

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