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Chris Ward, Padang Collected Thoughts 079

chris ward what youth

Editor’s note: Scotty Hammonds is from Encinitas, CA and probably surfs better than a lot of the people he shoots photos of. I like when that happens. Nate Lawrence does the same to people. Anyway, Scotty’s been floating around and living in Bali the past few years, shooting and surfing and he recently linked up with Chris Ward on this little gem during the waiting period for the Rip Curl Padang Cup. It’s classic and great to see a crisp one like this. Scotty wrote to us about it below. —Travis 

This was taken the morning the event was supposed to happen. I swam out for an hour and there were a couple nuggets coming through, but it was just a little to inconsistent to run the event. I think Wardo has been over here for a while now and it was so sick to see him surf live and then to get the chance to link up on one is just crazy.  I’ve been a fan of his since I was a little kid. His barrel knowledge is next level, and this was one of the gems that came through that morning. Pretty happy to have this one on file.—Scotty Hammonds 

Dane Reynolds photographed by Kai Neville In Japan What Youth

Dane Reynolds on Public Transportation Collected Thoughts 003

This is Dane on the train to Osaka, in Japan. Osaka is about an hour from its airport and our exit flight left the next day, and as none of us had been to Osaka we decided to ride in and see the sights. The city turns out to be rad, like a smaller Tokyo,…

Craig Anderson photographed in New York by Kai Neville What Youth

Craig Anderson between the bars Collected Thoughts 002

Photo by Kai Neville Kai took this photo of Craig a little before 1 a.m. in Brooklyn, New York. They’re leaving the strange party they wandered into after a Dirty Beaches show at Williamsburg’s Glasslands Gallery — truly they did, they sauntered all Australian through some odd open side door and into someone’s loft, where…

John John Florence in Barbados

John John in Barbados Collected Thoughts 001

This is John John Florence by the ghost of an Olympic pool at an abandoned resort in the parish of St. Lucy near the northern tip of Barbados, and what a useless cavity in the ground has he got here. The walls are too vertical to skate, there’s no water to ease the heat, there’s…

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