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Look at “Vixens on Vacation” Imperial Pictures Publishing release new zine

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We love Amy Hood. We met her in Woodstock earlier this year and followed her around her home and studio at the Woodstock School of the Arts. She’s an art director, print maker, photographer, cook, model, actress and all around inspiration. Tomorrow we will be releasing our What Youth Artist Series on Amy and you can see more of her work gracing the pages of What Youth Issue 14 here.

Amy has teamed up with photographer Jonathan Leder to create Imperial Pictures Publishing and together they’re responsible for some of our favorite zines. This week they are releasing their newest one titled “Vixens On Vacation” and this is how they describe it:

A sexy new storybook about boys being boys—until a couple of powerful women put them in their place! It’s a lighthearted tale of ropes, paddles, and female domination sure to delight fans of ‘50s pinups and vintage erotica.

Told mostly through gorgeous black-and-white photos shot by Imperial co-founder Jonathan Leder, Vixens on Vacation stars models Chrissy Blair and Alex Hanson as Madge and Susan, two hotties whose beach holiday is nearly ruined by a pair of former fraternity brothers trying to recapture their youth. When the ladies catch the fellows breaking into what they thought would be a vacant Malibu beach house, it kicks off a week of delicious punishments captured on these pages under the Art Direction of Imperial’s Amy Hood, in a style inspired by a boldly classic combination of ‘30s era Soviet design, vintage comic books, and the work of legendary designer Lou Dorfsman.

Printed on high-quality uncoated off-white paper and sized at 5.5×8”, this 48-page volume will spark conversation on your coffee table and fit nicely into your collection of fine art and photo books. Order your copies today—before Madge and Susan have to break out the paddles!

Check back tomorrow for our video feature on Amy Hood and be sure to grab a copy of Vixens on Vacation here.

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