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Craig. by Respondek Get One Now

Photos: John Respondek

Craig is the third installment of a book series shot by John Respondek. The pages are dressed in mustard ink and feature stunning photos of blue slabbing canvases that Ando drew his unique lines on. Traveling the regions of Oz, Indo, and beyond, John and Craig were able to create some memorable images. The book also possesses anecdotes that are an important part of his past and relevant in the now.  This third version, much like the Taj and Dion chapters, should be enjoyed at length while accompanied by a cold beer.

Craig explained, “Working with talented people like John has been a privilege and a lot of fun, and I am pleased to share our work.”

Below are some of the unique images from the book. Get your hands on one here.

the newsstand what youth ed templeton deadbeat book club

Photographs by Spot A zine by Spot and Ed Templeton

Deadbeat Club is a compilation of artists and photographers that include Ed and Deana Templeton, Nolan Hall and Grant Hatfield. It’s an independent publishing group responsible for putting together small runs of zines. They also host release parties and photo exhibits and last October, they released some new zines in Long Beach, CA and we were there…

what youth zine

Speak of the Devil A zine by Richard Perkins

We love looking at magazines, making them, smelling them, getting new issues in the mail, standing at the newsstand until our feet hurt and the coffee buzz has our hands shaking as we flip the pages. It’s part of who we are and how we grew up. It’s why we make What Youth. And it’s…

turtle neck what youth

Turtle Neck, True Blue and Snake A zine, music, book and night out by Julian Klincewicz

Julian Klincewicz continues to create. In all mediums. Music. Zine. Film. Collage. Poetry. And tonight he’s teamed up with Gym Standard in San Diego and organized a release party for his own zine, book, 7″ and short film: Turtle Neck, True Blue and Snake. You’ll remember Julian from his For the Love (Watch it below)…

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