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Adolescents: Luke Hynd Episode 004

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Australia may have more than a shark problem. They may need to start culling really stylish, powerful goofyfoots too. Luke Hynd’s another surfer emerging from the pack in Oz. He’s got a cool approach — one that includes a wild backhand air reverse and a few tweaks to the layback cutty that we’re quite fond of. He’s funny. Witty. Intelligent. And quite opinionated for a young guy. And you know we like that.

Friendly enough too: “I paint all of my boards with bright rainbow colors and drawings because it makes the board seem happy.” Bright boards, bright future. Watch and meet Luke Hynd from the Gold Coast.

I live on the Gold Coast, but away from the more typical Coolangatta surf city — which is the first place that springs to mind when you say you’re from “The Goldy.” I actually live out in the bush pretty far from the beach, which means I don’t have a true local [break], but I tend to try and surf the northern breaks of Burleigh all the way through to Mermaid Beach. The perception of the Goldy is that the waves are always good and we have it too easy, however the waves are usually pretty average. I end up surfing your typical peaky beachy along Mermaid which is fun because there are no crowds and I like finding lefts. On occasions when the stars align, Burleigh can have some dredging tubes which are usually more challenging and square than the rival Superbank.

Dane Reynolds because he is so unpredictable on a wave. It makes his surfing more entertaining than everyone. He also seems like a cool guy, I’ve never met him, but it seems like he surfs for fun and doesn’t take life so seriously — which I enjoy.
Craig Anderson is one of my favorites because he has one of the smoothest styles going around and makes everything look steezy. It’s nice to watch someone who flows with the wave rather than attack it in the roughest manner possible.
Noa Deane is fast becoming a favorite of mine as well. I’m fortunate enough to be able to surf with him on occasions around the Goldy. Whenever I do, he pushes me to go bigger and try and tweak my tricks out more than anyone.

Different surfers get me psyched to surf in different ways. For me, watching Ozzie Wright’s section in Doped Youth where he jumps on rocks and does crazy shit is so different and makes me want to got out and try big airs and crazy stuff without any care for my body. Andy Irons in Blue Horizon gets me super psyched to surf comps because it shows his raw talent and determination while competing and makes winning look that much sweeter. It’s also a favorite because he is ripping the bag with a singlet on in a heat, which is different to even all the freesurfing sections nowadays.

Modern Collective is one of my favorites because its session based — which is different to seeing just the one banger a session. It was also the most high performance surfing I’d ever seen when it came out. Blue Horizon is cool because it shows two totally different paths surfing can take you: Andy’s competitive road and Rasta’s soul brother freesurfing journey. It also has a really good storyline. And Morning of The Earth is awesome because it shows the spirit of why we surf. When they basically just highline trim a wave then kick out screaming, you can just tell they are having the best time. It really froths me up to simplify everything and remember why I surf and just enjoy myself.

The last book I read was Scar Tissue the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis. His unorthodox childhood and wild rockstar lifestyle made it the most entertaining book I’ve ever read. I ended up reading the entire book in the car driving to down to Sydney recently because I couldn’t put it down.

My favorite surf trip that I have done was to New Zealand last year. It had such beautiful landscapes, a fun variety of waves, such a cruisy and relaxed vibe and surfing in the wilderness is such a different experience opposed to the hustle and bustle of regular surf trip destinations. I’m itching to get back there this year again and do a road trip surfing and snowboarding.

My favorite woman in the world in terms of appearance is Emily Ratajkowski. Her presence in the “Blurred lines” video clip is enough to make a married man’s jaw hit the floor. I certainly have a crush.

I like to have art on all of my boards. For me, having some kind of art on them makes them memorable and gives the board a certain vibe when you see it or pick it up. That’s why even though I lack in artistic talent. I paint all of my boards with bright rainbow colors and drawings because it makes the board seem happy. It also makes the board look cooler no matter the quality of the artwork because white boards are boring.

My whole life I’ve ridden Darren Handley’s boards. Lately I’ve been psyching on a model called “The Sweet Spot.” It’s a bit shorter than my normal shorty, a bit wider, more area in the nose, a bit more volume and a funky round pintail. It’s like the lovechild of a groveler and a step-up so it goes well in all conditions. I’m riding it at 5’8 x 18’3/16 x 2’3/16 and another a bit bigger for when the swell gets really big. I am very lucky and thankful for a world-class shaper to make me boards, I feel guilty when I pick up new boards I didn’t pay for.

I worry about comps when I’m going terrible in them and I want to win. Like this year I’m yet to make it past the third round in a Junior so I get a bit down on myself when I lose because I want to win one. Other times I could be doing a comp and wishing I wasn’t there, then when I get knocked just laugh and not worry at all. Sometimes I just stress myself out by thinking my sponsors expect me to be winning and are real off me when I’m on a losing streak.

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