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Adolescents: Taylor Clark Episode 002

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It’s been a while since a fresh young face emerged from his peers in California and we’re pretty excited about Taylor Clark’s potential. Still a wiry 17-year-old, he’s beginning to shows signs of the power and flow that we love, coupled with the flare and creativity necessary to hang with the Australians. He’s freckled, blonde, loves a fluorescent wetsuit and has the extra pop in the lip we dig. Hit play and have a look and stay tuned for more hand-picked ripping from our new series: Adolescents.

TAYLOR CLARK: I grew up in Encinitas, California and I’ve lived there my whole life. It’s a really small, mellow, laid back town. As far as waves go we have pretty much everything. We have beachbreaks that are fun in the summer and if you know where and when to look we have some really good reef breaks in the winter.

WHO ARE YOU THREE FAVORITE SURFERS RIGHT NOW? Kelly because I’ve watched him since I first started surfing, the competitive stuff he’s been doing over the last 20 years is crazy. John John because he is probably the best surfer in the world right now and he makes everything look so easy. It’s hard to comprehend the things he does in the water. And Dane because he’s Dane, the movies or web clips he puts out are unreal.

WHAT ARE YOU THREE FAVORITE SURF FILM SECTIONS? The Tahiti section in Done because of how barreled John John is getting. It really gets me amped to go surf good waves. The Japan section in Dear Suburbia has some of the sickest waves and really good surfing by John and Dane. And Andy’s Bali section in Trilogy was insane, some of the best carves ever and the smoothest style.

LAST BOOK YOU READ? I should probably read more because I haven’t read much since I finished school, but the last book I read was The Outsiders.

FAVORITE SURF TRIP YOU’VE DONE? All trips are sick, especially when your with a group of your good friends. My favorite trip so far was a boat trip to the Mentawais with Tom and Pat Curren. It was really cool hanging out with Tom and watching him surf. The waves over there are incredible.

FAVORITE WOMAN IN THE WORLD? It’s got to be my mom.

WHAT BOARDS ARE YOU RIDING NOW? All my boards are from Matt Biolas. I have been getting his boards for the last three years and they are the best. I usually get a 5’11” V2 SB. He knows what I like and he is so creative that I let him mess around with the dimensions and volume and they always turn out great.

DO YOU STRESS ON COMPETITION? I don’t worry about competitions too much. They are fun when you are doing good but suck when you lose. You can’t get too bummed because there’s always another contest.

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