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Afternoon Interview: Kolohe Andino Episode 058: We went bass fishing with Kolohe a few days ago and realized he might be the most “punk” surfer there is

Editor’s Note: Kolohe had a bit of a behind the scenes meltdown after his heat at the Hurley Pro caught on tape yesterday, which reminded us of better times bass fishing with him just a few days ago. Our own Michael Cukr went to learn more about the subject of our film Brother and his sometimes polarizing and always enigmatic vibe Michael explains below, Kolohe above—Travis

I feel like I’m always hearing people talk about “What’s cool” or “Who’s cool” and I think it’s such a cheesy concept. What does cool mean anyway? And when that topic gets brought up in many cirlces, I’m pretty sure Kolohe Andino is the last name somebody would throw out there as classically cool. At least by most definitions of the silly word. In fact, he might be the exact opposite of “cool”  — which, to me, is his way of giving the finger to the whole cool thing entirely and really a lot more punk and cool than some kid writing “Sonic Youth” on the bottom of their surfboard.

I was very curious about this patriotic, country music listening, bass fishing thing that he’s all about so I went to see my friend to learn more. And although Kolohe shined most of my phone calls and responded sarcastically to every text message sent while trying to work on this piece, I think it still shows an honest look at Kolohe right now, and I would still consider him a dear friend of mine. —Michael Cukr

Ty Segall of Fuzz Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Ty Segall Episode 008

Ty Segall recently played a show at The Smell in Los Angeles with his band Fuzz. We went and talked to him about life, creating and smashing the hell out of drum kits.

Ben Nordberg Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Ben Nordberg Episode 007

Now, let’s hangout with Ben on Hollywood Blvd.

Sal Barbier afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Sal Barbier Episode 006

We met Sal in Santa Monica at 6 a.m., loaded a ramp into a truck and took it to the beach.

Jake Burghart from Vice Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Jake Burghart Episode 005

We sat down with Jake and just let him tell stories, some of his most terrifying experiences — including being held at gunpoint by rebels in the Congo, going left at Sunset and his new past time: commenting on Kelly Slater’s Instagram.

Mark Oblow Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Mark Oblow Episode 004

He’s shot campaigns for the surf world’s biggest brands including Quiksilver and Analog. He’s since successfully made the leap into the world of mainstream sports and shot with the likes of David Beckham, Katy Perry and Snoop Dog for Adidas. And now he’s onto another venture

Currn Caples and Jay Adams at Arto Saari's house pool skating afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Curren Caples & Jay Adams Episode 003

Last week Arto Saari brought Jay Adams and Curren Caples to session his backyard pool

Christian Hosoi afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Christian Hosoi Episode 002

Christian Hosoi was the man, and Christian Hosoi is the man, and both these statements are true but for different reasons.

Alex Olson afternoon interview for what youth issue one

Afternoon Interview: Alex Olson Episode 001 (Part 2)

More from our conversation with Alex Olson in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park

Alex Olson Afternoon interview for what youth issue 1

Afternoon Interview: Alex Olson Episode 001 (Part 1)

On a sunny day in Los Angeles, we drove to Griffith Park and spent an afternoon with professional skateboarder Alex Olson.

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