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Afternoon Interview: Lee Wilson Episode 046: Growing up in Bali, new sponsorships and the stack of dishes that changed his life

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Lee Wilson has a wild story, background, look, style and accent.  He is half Australian, half Indonesian, and spent a good part of his youth growing up in both. His surfing has always been unparalleled. But its come in hiccups. It was far way in Indonesia. He’d pop up in Julian Wilson videos. Or in double page spreads in mags doing exactly what the top guys were doing, often stickerless, but doing it just as tweaked. Just as high. But then he’d be gone. Or at least it seemed that way.

Lee recently boarded a boat with us in the Mentawais because we’ve long been a major fan of his surfing and him as a good dude. We made him sit down in new sponsor Brixton’s hat and we talked about his lengthy and beautiful journey to the boat. It has been anything but handed to him.

what youth afternoon interview jordan taylor

Afternoon Interview: Jordan Taylor Episode: 063: An afternoon at WKND Skateboards is always a good time

The first time I met Jordan Taylor I had no idea who he was. We were having beers with a mutual friend and he would laugh at stupid jokes, and make some of his own. He never really felt afraid to mix in his truths or thoughts in with the jokes. He felt like a…

what youth afternoon interview zion wright

Afternoon Interview: Zion Wright Episode 062: We took the newest pro for REAL out for some skateboarding in Los Angeles

Zion Wright is killing it right now. He just went pro for REAL Skateboards — that happened just the other day actually. He’s young and been on fire for a long time and somehow he front feebled around a curved rail the hard way — which shows you he can skate anything, in and out of…

what youth afternoon interview kader sylla skateboarding

Afternoon Interview: Kader Sylla Episode 61: Ditching school, Skating Pedlow and taking the wheel of Skateboarding

We’re all kinda hoping that Kader Sylla’s mom doesn’t see this. Because he might have ditched a few classes to hang with us. That being said, he’s good. Really good. Hanging with Andrew Reynolds and AM for Baker and Emerica good. He’s got that young, punk attitude that we want at the wheel of skateboarding. Since…

what youth cole barash afternoon interview

Afternoon Interview: Cole Barash Episode 060: Catching up with Cape Cod based photographer and artist

Cole Barash lives in the What Youth family tree. Originally a snowboard photographer, Cole’s work has since evolved way beyond any board sport. His attention to the “off moments” of snowboarding, coupled with his very successful “Shiloh Series” — the use of a 20’ x 20’ backdrop to shoot a series of backlit action photos…

what youth afternoon interview matt salacuse the negative project new york photography

Afternoon Interview: Matt Salacuse Episode 059: The Negative Collection: Saving photos from the world’s dust bin

While I was on my recent trip to New York I was hanging out with photographer friend Cole Barash and his studio mates. We were all out having drinks one night and somebody brought up the negative collection. They explained the story how this guy would go to flea markets and dig up rare negatives,…

what youth afternoon interview kolohe andino

Afternoon Interview: Kolohe Andino Episode 058: We went bass fishing with Kolohe a few days ago and realized he might be the most “punk” surfer there is

Editor’s Note: Kolohe had a bit of a behind the scenes meltdown after his heat at the Hurley Pro caught on tape yesterday, which reminded us of better times bass fishing with him just a few days ago. Our own Michael Cukr went to learn more about the subject of our film Brother and his…

what youth afternoon interview former dane reynolds craig anderson austyn gillette

Afternoon Interview: Former Episode 057: Dane, Craig, Austyn, Jake and Warren talk about their second range release and Dane’s new “Premium Violence” part

We walked into Former’s Chinatown studio a little early. Dane was lodged behind a monitor editing his “Premium Violence” part that was to premiere later that night. Austyn Gillette was shirtless and washing the windows while Craig filmed him with his phone. Warren Smith and Grady Archbold tinkered with the displays for their upcoming Pop…

what youth afternoon interview tanner gudauskas surfing

Afternoon Interview: Tanner Gudauskas Episode 056: Dark bar, sunny guy and lots of magic at the Red Fox Lounge

Red Fox Lounge is a bar in San Clemente. It’s dark inside. Really dark in fact. We went there with Tanner Gudauaks on maybe the sunniest day of the year after surfing T Street and found ourselves surrounded by mid-dart drinking magicians. Literally. After a few beers and some magic tricks, we got some insight from one…

what youth afternoon interview ryan spencer skateboarding hawaii

Afternoon Interview: Ryan Spencer Episode 055: A day spent doing it all: a skate, a surf and a photo dig

Ryan Spencer was born and raised in Maui, skating it’s unique and irregular island streetscapes and through that molded himself into a really damn good skater. But he’s also a seriously good photographer and spent much of his early days pursuing that. Caught between the two, he moved the California, then decided to sell off his gear to…

what youth afternoon interview louie lopez

Afternoon Interview: Louie Lopez Episode 054: A day out with Louie followed by a BBQ with Curren Caples, Jake Anderson and Mike Anderson

Louie Lopez is soft spoken. Especially when he’s surrounded by the antics of Jake Anderson and Curren Caples. But that doesn’t keep him down, his skating and his style speak volumes. He is a quiet hammer. We recently went for a day of skating while he filmed with Ryan Lee for an upcoming part. The…

what youth afternoon interview ronnie sandoval

Afternoon Interview: Ronnie Sandoval Episode 053: Most skaters’ favorite skater

You don’t get to go pro for Krooked unless Mark Gonzales says so. And he said so for Ronnie Sandoval. Ronnie was bred at the world famous Channel Street Park in San Pedro (which is in danger of going away forever as you’ll see). And might be one of the craziest tranny skaters around right…

what youth afternoon interview jake blauvelt

Afternoon Interview: Jake Blauvelt Episode 052: On snowboarders having a bad rap, surfings influence on him and living simply

We found ourselves in Sweden with Jake Blauvelt recently. A guy we never would have thought we’d get a chance to hang with, and he the same — but damn we’re very happy we did. He’s an absolute Lord of snow town. Growing up in Vermont, Jake didn’t know anything about surfing, but it’s influenced…

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