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Afternoon Interview: Ryan Callinan Episode 043: We went shopping for chips and dip and talked life on the world tour. Presented by Sanuk

Ryan Callinan has had our hearts since he introduced us to his backhand whip a few years back during a trip for the Kustom Airstrike. Since then he’s gone onto be one of the world’s best, putting out elite video parts, including a very underrated part in Cluster as well as qualified for the world tour. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and during his recent stop through town for the US Open, where he made the quarters, we took him shopping at our favorite liquor store.

Na-kel Smith Afternoon Interview Part 1

Afternoon Interview: Na-kel Smith (Pt. 1) Episode 040: On Growing up, Supreme, Cherry and meeting William Strobeck

We recently got a backstage walk through at Supreme in LA to chat with Na-kel Smith for an all-new Afternoon Interview.  Watch part one here on how he got into skating, his uncle Kareem Campbell, Supreme, Cherry and meeting filmmaker William Strobeck. Watch part 2 here: And watch Nakel in Adidas’ new film Away Days,…

Eric Geiselman Afternoon Interview

Afternoon Interview: Eric Geiselman Episode 039: Massage chair Audi’s and repeatedly being hit by sharks and dolphins presented by Gorilla

Somehow Eric Geiselman swindled a deal with Audi for a few weeks and so we rolled over to Cappy’s breakfast joint in Newport Beach in an A8. Every seat in the car massaged our legs as Eric told us of being attacked by a variety of sharks and dolphins. The food was good but the massages in…

what youth afternoon interview kevin bradley skateboarding

Afternoon Interview: Kevin Bradley (PT.2) Episode 038: On joining street league, growing up in LA and skating tranny presented by Crap Eyewear

In part two of our interview with Los Angeles’ Kevin Bradley we talk Street League, growing up, video parts and making a big deal out of skating transition. Watch Part of one of our Afternoon Interview with Kevin Bradley here: 

what youth afternoon interview kevin bradley skateboarding

Afternoon Interview: Kevin Bradley (PT.1) Episode 038: Growing up skating in LA, strip clubs and stingrays. Presented by Crap Eyewear

Kevin Bradley is one of the great things about Los Angeles right now. He’s worked with William Strobeck on Cherry, Sickness and Swoosh and more recently there was his Nike Chronicles 3 part. He followed all that up with a signature board from FA and a Skater of the Year nomination. He recently joined Street…

what youth afternoon interview brad gerlach

Afternoon Interview: Brad Gerlach Episode 037: A man with many faces and phases presented by Banks

Brad Gerlach has many interesting faces. Many phases. And just as many infamous and iconic moments cemented into surf history. He’s been a wild child. A rebel. A fashion icon. A bad boy. A good boy. A fitness guru. A competitive surf coach. Style master. He has a 6-minute slow motion part in Josh Pomer’s…

what youth afternoon interview saturdays nyc

Afternoon Interview: Saturday’s NYC Episode 036 Fashion, Coffee and Surfing in New York City

Several years ago I found myself in New York for the first time. California surf dude finally standing next to all the landmarks you become so familiar with on TV and movies. Yellow cabs. The Brooklyn Bridge. Central Park. That place they show on Seinfeld during the bass solo etc. The city tripped me out immediately….

what youth afternoon interview zered bassett

Afternoon Interview: Zered Bassett Episode 035 in New York

Zered is a Biblical river and is where New York skateboarder Zered Bassett gets his name. Zered grew up in Cape Cod playing travel hockey until he discovered skateboarding. When he started skating, he wasn’t too sure what was going on with it at the time, so he just skated whatever he would come up with and build, which which…

what youth afternoon interview pontus alv

Afternoon Interview: Pontus Alv Episode 034 “If you don’t have skate spots, make your own.”

Pontus Alv is Malmo, Sweden’s legendary skate lord who’s taken DIY to every element of his skating. Spots, boards, films. He does them all. With whatever he’s got. We got to hangout with him a few years ago and he’s given us 2 years of inspiration and motivation to “wake up every day, and make it…

what youth afternoon interview mikey wright surfing

Afternoon Interview: Mikey Wright Episode 033: The youngest Wright brother is someone you want to meet

Call him a throwback. Call him raw. Real. Punk. Whatever, but you still have to call him a Wright. Mikey Wright has been surfing crazy, turning heads and chopping his hair into various mullet fashions and painting cars with salsa varieties. And that’s only the half of it. Owen’s younger sibling slithered onto the scene with…

afternoon interview lily meola what youth

Afternoon Interview: Lily Meola Episode: 032 On touring with Willie Nelson and recording her first album

We first met Lily Meola when we went Maui to visit her aerial cowboy brother Matt. During our stay, Lily offhandedly belted out a few chords in between dancing around the house and we were kind of caught off guard by how damn good she could sing. Since that day, Lily has recorded a new album,…

what youth afternoon interview johan stuckey

Afternoon Interview: Johan Stuckey Episode 031: Broken hearts, staph infection and WKND graphics

Johan Stuckey was was working at a women’s dress shop not long ago. After moving here from Vero Beach, Florida, toting not much aside from a broken heart, he’s since become quite the character in skateboarding. He’s part of the WKND crew, thanks to a customer at the dress shop, who heard his story and…

bruce irons what youth afternoon interview

Afternoon Interview: Bruce Irons (Pt. 2) Episode 30: On Andy, Gerry, Kelly, age and being excited again

Earnest. Open. Raw. And discussing what’s exciting him now, at 35, going into winter. A nice place for him to be. In part two of our Afternoon Interview with Bruce, he touches on an upcoming documentary on his late brother Andy Irons, influences, children, what excites him and what’s next for the surfer who’s epitomized…

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