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Color Me In: Ellis Ericson Episode 007 Presented by Futures

07.14.14 – TAGS: , ,
Video: Blake Myers

During our recent run through Bali, we ran into a few friends who are doing rad things. Surfer and shaper Ellis Ericson has pretty much nailed it: set up shop in Bali, shaping whatever he wants, tearing in warm, fun waves and collaborating with a variety of passers through Bali — which we can confidently say is quite literally everyone.

In this episode of Color Me In, we grabbed a couple Bintangs, Beau Foster and scootered over to Ellis’ magic workshop to check it out. It won’t take long to see and hear just how liberating it can be to do things for yourself — on and off a surfboard. Plus we got some seriously fun sessions at Canngu.

Surf footage provided by Jimmy Kinnaird

Color Me In: Captain Fin Episode 009 presented by Futures

We probed deeper into the world of Mitch and got this pretty rad look at the day to day workings of the Captain Fin empire.

Color Me In: Eye Symmetry Surfboards Episode 008 presented by Futures

Since we don’t sit well in traditional meetings, we met Max and team rider and spiritual guru Hector Santa Maria for some shredding and shaping.

beau foster and ellis ericson bali color me in what youth

Color Me In: Ellis Ericson Episode 007 Presented by Futures

We grabbed a couple Bintangs, Beau Foster and scootered over to Ellis’ magic workshop and then surfed it off.

mitch crews color me in lee stacey what youth

Color Me In: Mitch Crews & Lee Stacey Episode 006 Presented by Futures

Our crusade of getting shapers out of their bays and into the water is continues.

Jack Freestone and Darren handly of DHD surfboards color me in surfing what youth

Color Me In: Jack Freestone & Darren Handly of DHD Episode 005 Presented by Futures

Darren Handley and Jack Freestone talk shit, tails and surfboards, and then ride surfboards.

Kalani Chapman color me in what youth

Color Me In: Kalani Chapman & Bret Marumoto Episode 004 Presented by Futures

Bret and Kalani make equipment for a dangerous game. Hit play and see how the world’s best shape boards to ride the biggest waves in the world.

Danny Fuller Byrne surfboards color me in what youth

Color Me In: Danny Fuller & Michael Barron of Byrne Surfboards Episode 003 Presented by Futures

Danny Fuller and Michael Barron go for a paddle in Huntington Beach and debate the art of shaping in it’s modern form.

brett simpson mat biolos lost surfboards what youth color me in

Color Me In: Brett Simpson & Matt Biolos Episode 002 Presented by Futures

When was the last time you talked to your shaper about Ian Mackay, Fugazi and Minor Threat? Well, we sure hope it was recently, because if not, you may have the wrong shaper — or you may not have one at all.

Craig Anderson Hayden surfboards color me in what youth surfing

Color Me In: Craig Anderson & Hayden Cox Episode 001 Presented by Futures

“I feel like the more you know about surfboards, the more you just go crazy.”—Craig Anderson

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