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Fairly Normal: Dolan Stearns Episode 012

It’s rad to meet someone like this. It’s nice to know they still exist, beneath the surface of the mainstream, drawing, skating, and creating. Often early in the morning, before you get there, at spots you might not even notice — finding things other people don’t see. They have a creative eye for skateboarding and life.

This is Dolan Stearns. He’s from Lake Elsinore. Skates. Makes art — often on himself using an old school method of tattooing called stick and poke. This is our nod to the ones who do it because they know no other way. The restless ones. Who want no acclaim. We want them to know they’re appreciated.

Filmed and edited by Michael Cukr (with additional filming by Chase Cruz and Brian Elliott)

Fairly Normal Mitch Coleborn What Youth

Fairly Normal: Mitch Coleborn Episode 001

In this episode, Mitch Coleborn leads us through his routine on the North Shore, which includes tour of the iconic Gerry House where Volcom’s elite stay, grom hazing and some really fun wedges.

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