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Fairly Normal: William Aliotti Episode 027: On the Road

Video: Clem McInerney

Episode 027: One of the good things that has come from the Internet is the instant access, 24/7 coverage of virtually everything. Whatever you’re into. As that relates to surf, the upside is us being exposed to so many more people and places than traditional media platforms could or would have covered cover pre-web. Imagine a media world where only certain surfers that fit into a required mold would get covered. Well, it wasn’t that long ago when that was how it worked. With that in mind, we introduce the latest collaborator to our Fairly Normal series, Mr. William Aliotti. A truly unique talent stylishly captured by Clem McInerney.

The man himself, on the road again. Raised in the Carribean before moving to France at 15, William’s story follows some familiar themes: young ripper, a bit of a slog on the QS, a vid part here and there, etc. William’s surfing is undoubtedly top shelf but the QS can be a lonely place for a young man looking to making a name for himself. Even with a breakthrough QS win in Arica in 2016, it started to become clear that perhaps surfing in a jersey wasn’t the best way for Willy to spend his time.

With full support from his sponsor Volcom, and a full quiver of Stretch Surfboards, Willy started to push outside of the box with his travel and his equipment. Twins, finless and asyms being some of the new weapons of choice. The recent video release, “Catch Fish”, filmed in Bali and featuring William riding a Ryan Lovelace twin, was a superb mastery of the craft.

Simply, the Internet has brought us guys like William of which we may have only caught glimpses of in the past. Thanks for that.

Ok, we’ll shut up now.

Watch and enjoy.

What Youth

Filmed & Edited – Clem McInerney @clemmcinerney

Additional Footage – Sara de Frutos & Manuel Claudeville-Morell

Music –

  • A Typical Ride out – Noir Et Blanc Vie
  • Tape Deck – Endless Love
  • California Wind – Bruno E.

Special Thanks: Guillaume Dartenuc

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