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For The Love: Derek Dunfee Episode 003 Presented by Vissla

04.24.14 – TAGS: ,

Big wave surfing has grown into a rather interesting portion of surf culture the past few years. Post tow-in debacle, there’s been a resurgence in paddling into massive waves on massive boards in what’s a pretty damn impressive and inspiring display of commitment. There were a lot of legends involved in the transition back to paddling, but the modern result has been a much more pure and respectable version of big wave surfing.

La Jolla’s Derek Dunfee represents the throwback mindset necessary to paddle into and surf big waves. Sponsored or not, he is there. When it breaks. He is there. Derek has been committed and there for the past decade, at all the spots including Mavericks, Puerto, Todos, Waimea, Jaws and all the secret ones too — and continues to be there despite not having a major sponsor. Derek caught our eye to be featured in For the Love for his commitment to surfing big waves despite obstacles — be it injury, lack of sponsor, or maintaining a “real” job. Derek finds a way to be there. Always. And that’s fucking respectable.

Another unique aspect to Derek is his commitment to creation. He’s produced, filmed, starred in and directed a handful of really rad films and projects the past few years including “Down with the Ship,” and his new project “Neptune Place” a series based around his hometown of La Jolla and the characters who dwell there and the very interesting conceptual film SHVDE.

Charging. Creating. Ripping. Friendly. Stylish. Intelligent. Meet Derek Dunfee.

what youth andy davis for the love

For The Love: Andy Davis Episode 021: Playful, psychedelic and light presented by Vissla

You know Andy Davis’ art. Even if you don’t know it yet. It’s fun and colorful and somehow skirts around the psychedelic, but does so in a playful, lively and light way. We recently stopped by Said Space Studios for a quick hello and chatted about his work and some of the recent projects he’d done with…

What Youth For The Love Leo Valls

For The Love: Leo Valls Episode 020 Presented by Vissla: Molded by the streets of Bordeaux

Leo Valls is a reminder about how environment can shape your skating. Growing up in the storied streets of Bordeaux, France, Leo’s style is unlike anything e’ve ever seen. Molded by the marble and brick sidewalks of the city, he’s reminded us all that as skaters, surfers, painters, poets and creators we get to write our signature…

What Youth For the love Alex Gardner

For The Love: Alex Gardner Episode 019 Presented by Vissla

Alex Gardner loves the idea of making stuff. And lucky for us, when he does that it’s beautiful and powerful. His paintings grab you immediately. And we wanted to learn more about this Southern California native’s process. So we went for a visit and found his space inspiring and odd. Exactly how we’d hope for…

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For The Love: Jeff McCallum Episode 018 Presented by Vissla

Jeff McCallum wanted to be an NBA star. And standing at 6’3″ and growing up in Colorado, it was probably more likely a profession early on than what he’s doing now: which is shaping some of the most one-of-a-kind, beautiful surfboards you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And doing it out of National City, San Diego….

for the love froth what youth

For the Love: Froth Episode 017 Presented by Vissla

Just to be clear, Froth is not a surf rock band. Although that didn’t stop us from having them play Kolohe’s premiere of “Brother” at the Stance HQ a few weeks ago. The L.A. locals just dropped their new album “Bleak,” but don’t let bleak be the definitive word for this band. Consciously straying away from…

For The Love: Tropical Popsicle Episode 016 Presented by Vissla

Tropical Popsicle are simultaneously laid back yet serious when it comes to their music. They cruised into the music scene back in 2011, throwing in there a collective mix of psych, post punk, and jangle pop. Our friends at Lolipop Records put their first album, The Dawn of Delight, out on tape in 2013 and…

For The Love: Marquis Preston Episode 015 presented by Vissla

In this episode of For the Love we catch up with Marquis Preston. A few years ago he had his debut part in Emerica’s Stay Gold and it was good. After that dropped we didn’t hear much from him. So, we spent a few days with him in his hometown. Skating the park and chatting to…

Deryl Flea Virostko what youth for the love

For The Love: Darryl “Flea” Virostko Episode 014 Presented by Vissla

Flea Virostko’s sober living environment in Santa Cruz, CA

danny hess for the love what youth

For The Love: Danny Hess Episode 013 Presented by Vissla

Wooden surfboards out of San Francisco

for the love lolipop records what youth

For The Love: Lolipop Records Episode 12 Presented by Vissla

A record label we appreciate very much.

For the Love: The Hager Brothers Episode 011 presented by Vissla

We met Cody and Jared Hager while filming Collin Provost’s Fairly Normal part. Originally from Tehachapi, California they moved to HB to pursue skateboarding — not to be pro, but just to be around it and to skateboard, a lot. And this was that time when everyone lived in HB. When they moved here Jared…

For the love what youth skateboarding alex amour

For the Love: Alex Amor Episode 010 Presented by Vissla

Meet Alex Amor and tour and skate through the city of Barcelona, Spain.

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