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For The Love: Lolipop Records Episode 12 Presented by Vissla

The music business can be a slimy place. Money, egos, talent and more money make for a very hostile biz. And for the creative, that’s the last thing you need. But as of late, there have become more and more options for the talented. Ways to be successful and play music and working with labels who care. And that’s exactly what Lolipop records is.

Cofounded by longtime homies and bandmates Wyatt Blair and Tomas Dolas, the label spawned from the shy idea of putting out their buddies bands on tapes and giving them an extra push in the slippery and daunting music industry.

In just a couple of years Lolipop has grown into a label, a record store and recording studio, where they record records with some of L.A.’s best bands. They put on shop shows consistently and work their asses off recording, selling and shipping tapes and records by hand. Authentic and genuine.

Perhaps the most humbling part of their business is that they treat each other like family, and they’ve become know as, “The Lolipop crew.” You’ll see them at shows, you’ll know who they are and you’ll spot them easily.

Their roster of bands has bloomed as of late and currently features  Corners (who you’ll remember played the What Youth Issue 9 release party), Froth, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, Mystic Braves, Feels, Dirt Dress, and many more.

Whether your flavor is punk, shoegaze, post-punk, dream-pop or garage-rock, you’ll definitely find a band you dig in the Lolipop world.

Wyatt gave us a tour of the Lolipop shop and studio in this all new For the Love: Lolipop Records, presented by Vissla.—Asal Shahindoust

Watch our Afternoon Interview with Lolipop Records band Corners

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