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What Youth Mixtape: “Son Yarlo” A music compilation via t.mucklucker 

what youth mixtape thomas campbell

Around the time that Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson and Thomas went surfing together, these songs started to trickle through to us, and were eventually compiled into this playlist. Thomas Campbell is a great playlist artist, and is constantly sending through one-of-a-kind mixtures and CD’s and playlists. This is one of those. And it really sets the mood. It’s the kind of funky slithering music that you’d expect from T Mo. just in time for Friday night. Enjoy. Tracklist below.

  1. William Onyeabor – Let’s Fall In Love
  2. Amon Düül II – Cerberus
  3. Blonde Redhead – mother
  4. Link Ray – Comanche
  5. Allen Ginsberg – America
  6. Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma
  7. The Big Pink – Velvet
  8. Suicide – 96 Tears
  9. Beat Happening – Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
  10. Fuck Buttons – Phantom Limb
  11. Talking Heads – listening winds
  12. Stooges – Head On A Curb
  13. Miles Davis – X rated
  14. Ty Seagull – 20th century boy
  15. The Limiñanas – Tigre du Bengale (inst.)
  16. John Maus – The Crucifix
  17. Eno – Over Fire Island

What Youth Mixtapes Brendon Gibbens, AKA Bad Beeg’s Disco Mix

It’s becoming very well-known that Brendon Gibbens is a terrific dancer. And that he’s been known to vanish into the night alone, if necessary, for very focused, very intense dance floor takeovers. From Cape Town to Los Angeles. Brendon is a good time. He’s currently in Reunion Island with Dillon Perillo filming for their new…

What Youth Mixtapes Music from Modern Collective, Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia and Cluster

Kai’s favorite’s from his last four videos.

Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 005

Live from Jeffrey’s Bay it’s Andrew Doheny, Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart and Blake Myers.

Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 004

This episode features a recap of the US Open debacle, some travel tips for El Salvador and a lot of really obscure information from the brain of Dillon Perillo.

Less is Less Radion show on what youth with creed mctaggart and blake myers and brendon gibbens

Less Is Less Radio Episode 003

In this episode, Creed talks about crying on a plane because of Occy, scabies cures, floater 360s and Silverchair while the ever-adorable Brendon Gibbens drops the kinds of songs that gets him dancing solo (literally Brendon will go dancing alone if he has to) in his beloved Cape Town.

Less is Less radio show starring blake myers creed mctaggart what youth

Less Is Less Radio Episode 002

This time the boys get it done on a cool, wine-drinking night on the south coast of Australia.

Less is less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart

Less Is Less Radio Episode 001

This first radio show features Blake and Creed with Thom Pringle and Brendon Gibbens. You might wanna get a coffee/beer.

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